Birthday Horoscope

December 20, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, you may rise to a position of power or prominence. If you are older than 29, this may be an continuation of achievements that you made or something that you aspired to 29 years ago. If you were a young child then, you may have entertained certain ideas about your future or events playing out in your parents lives at the time may have foreshadowed upcoming events. If you are within a couple years of age 29, this year could be your first real pinnacle of success. You can expect to work extra hard and you will probably forgo certain pleasures in favor of putting in the the hours needed to achieve your goal. It might feel like self-denial (and it is), but with the finish line in sight, you will feel that crossing it needs to be your number one priority. This could prove to be a breakthrough year for personal development and career.

Even though you are super ambitious and committed to getting ahead, you could have your moments of rebelliousness and suddenly decide that you don’t want to stick to the program or play by the rules. Deep down you may fear that achieving your goals means more responsibility and less freedom, and it probably does. Seek to establish balance between work and play so that you don’t burn out.

In love, you will be adventurous and you will feel free to pursue your passions. The more accepting you are of your individuality, the better your relationships will be. Your ideal match will be someone who gives you space to grow.

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