Birthday Horoscope

December 19, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, you may feel that it is imperative to push yourself to conquer a final hurdle that stands between you and an important career milestone. You will forgo certain pleasures in favor of putting in the hours needed to achieve your goal. It might feel like self-denial (and it is), but with the finish line in sight, you will feel that crossing it needs to be your number one priority. Your ambition and desire to assume a position of importance can be all-consuming. You may experience moments of self-doubt, but don’t let this deter you from moving forward. Make sure that you take care of yourself, physically and emotionally, so that you have what it takes to go the distance.

Looking at yourself in a new way and embracing your unique qualities set the stage for happiness. Your willingness to take chances and to try new things can make this a breakthrough year for personal development. You will crave change and you will be drawn to experiences and activities that are unusual, experimental, and super modern. Doing things that you have never done before, traveling to places that you have never been, and meeting people from different backgrounds will be very liberating.

This could be a very lucky year for love. You can find happiness with someone who honors your individuality and gives you space to grow. Your relationship will thrive when you and your partner travel together and share new experiences.

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