Birthday Horoscope

December 17, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

During this upcoming birthday year, you should be careful about what you believe about yourself and what you are capable of. The connection between your thoughts and your power to manifest will be especially potent this year. If you hold a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish and back it up with action, your chances of success are excellent. Similarly, you could imprison yourself by entertaining negative thoughts. Remember that worry is like praying for something you don’t want.

Your willingness to take chances and to try new things can make this a breakthrough year for personal development. You will crave change and you will be drawn to experiences and activities that are unusual, experimental, and super modern. Doing things that you have never done before, traveling to places that you have never been, and meeting people from different backgrounds will be very liberating.

You may benefit financially from your significant other or through an important business relationship. You could also attract support from secret sources. Being the recipient of so much kindness and generosity can reaffirm your faith in humankind. Just be careful not to become dependent on external sources of support. Your good fortune will increase when you pay it forward.

In love, as in life, you will seek adventure. You may attract people who come from different cultures, countries, or backgrounds. Anyone who broadens your horizons will appeal to you. If you are currently coupled, your relationship will thrive when you and your mate travel together and share new experiences.

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