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Birthday Horoscope

December 14 2019 Birthday Horoscope

December 14, 2019

Happy Birthday! This year your creativity is off the charts! Nearly every avenue of expression from writing to speaking to painting to music can be pursued successfully. Your need for autonomy and freedom of self-expression must not be ignored, or you will become depressed, dispirited, and very unhappy. Because you are willing to push the boundaries and extend yourself past your comfort zone the Universe rewards you with exciting opportunities, lucky breaks, and encounters with people who appear as if by magic, just when you need to take your next step. Essentially, you are in the process of creating a whole new life, one that fulfills you in a way you have not yet experienced.

Your personal power increases tremendously this year, and personal relationships deepen and reach whole new levels of emotional connection. You are magnetically attractive, and your sexual encounters will be intense and rewarding. Your interactions with others become more meaningful and you attract people into your world who are able to meet you at these deep levels. Surface friendships lose their appeal and disappear, and you are left with a core group of people who truly get and appreciate who you are, and you feel the same towards them. You may experience a call to champion the underdog and find yourself working on behalf of human rights, animals, the environment, or other causes that speak to your heart and your Soul. A reading with a Clairsentient Psychic can help you become more comfortable with the new depth of emotion you discover this year.

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