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Birthday Horoscope

August 4 2019 Birthday Horoscope

August 4, 2019

Happy Birthday! Get ready for a fabulous year of new beginnings and unexpected opportunities! This is a year of exploration and personal growth in all areas of your life, so jump in and enjoy! You have a glow about you this year that will attract lots of attention and opportunity. Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius trines your Leo planets and helps shine a bright light on who you are. He also acts like a magnet, drawing positive people and opportunities into your orbit.

Career and work opportunities present themselves to you throughout the year, so keep your eyes open for the possibility of promotion. Set some goals, create a vision board, and start to manifest what it is that you really want in your life. Be sure to also leave yourself time to reflect, meditate, contemplate – leave quiet time for your intuition to speak to you. This is a powerful year for manifesting your dreams, so get clear on what they are and start to take steps toward achieving them.

You may find certain relationships coming to an end. No worries, you’ve outgrown them, new ones are on the way. If there’s a period of quiet emptiness, it won’t last. Use the time to explore new possibilities, activities, and connections. A reading with a Life Path Psychic can help guide and direct you so you are fully present and can take advantage of the new opportunities and possibilities flowing your way.

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