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Birthday Horoscope

August 30 2019 Birthday Horoscope

August 30, 2019

Happy Birthday! Let’s start with how great it is that your birthday falls on a Friday and you can parlay the party on through the weekend! This year your friends will be an incredible support for the changes you’ll embark upon, so why not spend this evening with them and let them celebrate you? Let their love for you fill you up and use it to stop being so hard on yourself. Try to see yourself through the eyes of the people who love you and let go of being so self-critical. You are an amazingly talented person with so many skills and innate abilities and gifts and this year allows you to cultivate and deepen many of them.

With the sun trine Uranus in your solar chart, conjunct your natal Virgo planets your creativity is heightened this year, so it would benefit you to pursue the creative mediums that excite you. Your ingenuity needs an outlet, and if you’re unable to express that side of yourself at work, then do it through your art. This can also be a way that you relieve stress. You are incredibly sensitive and easily pick up the suffering of those around you so you must keep your health and well-being strong by getting enough rest, eating well, and exercising. A reading with an Empath can help you learn how to manage your own empathic abilities, so they are no longer debilitating, but a gift.

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