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Birthday Horoscope

August 26 2019 Birthday Horoscope

August 26, 2019

Happy Birthday! You are a kind and gentle person, and especially sensitive and tender-hearted this year, so be mindful of this as you enter relationships. If someone treats you badly, if someone betrays you or treats you with disrespect, do not give them the chance to do it twice.

The current planets in Virgo, the sun, Venus, and Mars are activating the sector of your solar chart that rules career, success, and achievement. You are walking around inside a spotlight at work and you can parlay that attention, even if it’s subtle, into a promotion or an increase in your pay. You may also find yourself receiving a surprising new job offer that you simply can’t refuse.

Aspects to both Venus and Mars indicate a high degree of charismatic magnetism and the likelihood of attracting adventure and unexpected opportunities into your life. Whenever possible, say “yes” to these, as they will enrich your life in wonderful ways. If you find yourself in line for a promotion at work, believe in yourself! You deserve it, and you can do it; you are more than capable.

Finally, this is a wonderful year to cultivate a deeper connection with Spirit. Make time for meditation, contemplation, and metaphysical studies. Lean into any topic that excites you or lights you up and let go of any practical concern that the knowledge won’t be useful or that the topic is frivolous. It’s not, and time will bear that out. A reading with a Numerologist will open new doors for you.

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