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Birthday Horoscope

August 26 2017 Birthday Horoscope

August 26, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will use knowledge and information to cultivate understanding and to build bridges between people of different backgrounds or cultures. You can be especially successful at employing this strategy in your career and it could help to increase your income. This can be a breakthrough year for work and money provided that you are committed to learning what you need to know in order to get ahead. Be especially assertive when it comes to pursuing career opportunities that are different from your current path.Your ambition and go-getter spirit will attract supporters from behind the scenes and can help to secure long-term prosperity. You may excel in activities that involve communications, networking, and strategic planning.

In love, you will crave attention and you will want to be the star of the show. You are capable of grand drama and will enjoy the thrill of the chase. People might be so taken in by your theatrics that they fail to realize that you are keeping your true feelings concealed. The phrase, “Still waters run deep” will be an apt description of your emotions. You will let people see what you want them to see, but that is more likely to be a performance than a reveal of how you really feel. It won’t always be that you are playing coy. Often, you might not understand your own emotions and desires. If you enjoy romantic drama, this year should be especially entertaining.

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