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Birthday Horoscope

August 25 2019 Birthday Horoscope

August 25, 2019

Happy Birthday! Get ready for a year of magical magnetism! Things just seem to go your way all year long and you have a level of charm and charisma that makes people want to go out of their way for you again and again. Do be sure to return the favor though – and remember, thank you notes never go out of style.

Your intuitive senses and innate healing ability are heightened this year and if you should choose to develop them in a formal way, you will find doors open easily for you. There will be times when it feels as if you are receiving direct guidance and intuitive messages, and that’s because you are! Pursue this in the way that feels comfortable for you: angels, guides, teachers, ancestors, all are present for you this year. You find that you can also direct healing energy to others through you. Again, you may formally decide to develop this gift and study massage, reiki, or healing touch. Trust that what you are drawn to is what you are meant to cultivate.

There is a new cast of characters getting ready to walk onto the stage of your life: new friends, new acquaintances, perhaps even a new romantic partner. Spend time with people whose company you genuinely enjoy. Avoid allowing guilt or obligation to control you; just because someone wants to be your friend or spend time with you does not mean you’re obligated to do so. A reading with a Medium can help you fine tune your ability to receive intuitive messages from Spirit.

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