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Birthday Horoscope

August 22 2017 Birthday Horoscope

August 22, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will sense that a great destiny awaits you and you will be eager to pursue it. Everything that is fresh, new and innovative will appeal to you. This will especially be the case in your career. At work, you will benefit from staying in touch with the latest trends in your field and being competent in working with cutting edge technology and ideas. Your ability to intuit trends, and to act ahead of the curve can help to establish you as a trailblazer. Your go-getter attitude will attract supporters from behind the scenes, but be careful that blind optimism and an inflated sense of your power don’t make you exaggerate what you can achieve. Let the results of your efforts speak for themselves instead of bragging about what you can do. The projects that you develop in private could have long-lasting financial benefits.

You will devote yourself to your friends and to any groups that you belong to. You will enjoy finding ways to be helpful to others, but be careful not to be too critical. The way that you view certain people might not be an accurate reflection of who they are. You may over idealize them or you may fail to recognize their abilities.

In love, you will be your most appealing when you just be yourself. Not every potential partner will share your values. Instead of molding yourself to fit his or her views, be content to stand your ground. You want someone to love the real you and not a role that you play in order to be accepted.

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