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Birthday Horoscope

August 19 2020 Birthday Horoscope

August 19, 2020

Happy Birthday! This year you are filled with enthusiasm, optimism, ambition, and drive. Your mind is sharp, and your communication skills are strong. You have a clear sense of what you want to achieve as well as how you want to get there, and while you are determined, you are also able to listen to advice and make course corrections when they become necessary.

You are attractive and charismatic and find that people come out of the woodwork to help you when you need it. It’s okay to accept the help that’s offered; make sure there are no strings attached though. Also, set an intention to pay forward any help you receive when the time is right. It’s important to keep the karmic scales balanced and remember that helping others like you have been helped is the right thing to do.

You are independent and have a strong need for freedom in your life. If you try to fit yourself into someone else’s box, if you try to please others by being what they want you to be instead of being true to yourself, you will suffer terribly. By being true to yourself you will create the kind of life that makes you wake up excited to dive into each new day. Others may not approve of your choices or your lifestyle, but once you no longer need that approval, their judgment won’t matter in the least. A reading with a Channeling Psychic can help you discern which actions and choices lead to your highest good.

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