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Birthday Horoscope

August 18 2017 Birthday Horoscope

August 18, 2017

During your upcoming birthday year, you may feel that you are being awakened to new possibilities for your life. Your interest in everything that is fresh and modern will inform the choices that you make. In your career, you will benefit from staying in touch with the latest trends in your field and being competent in working with cutting-edge technology and ideas. Your ability to think outside the box can support your success and help to establish you as a trailblazer. Just be careful that blind optimism and an inflated sense of your power don’t make you overestimate what you can achieve. Let the results of your efforts speak for themselves instead of bragging about what you can do.

Your focus and eye for detail can help you to understand the ins and outs of any activity that you are involved with. However, you should be careful that overanalyzing doesn’t lead to total paralysis. You will need to know when to draw a line with research and take action on what you have learned. Coordinating your efforts with a team can help you to stay on track.

In love, you will be nurturing, compassionate and protective, but can also be possessive and prone to jealousy. You might think that you don’t want drama, yet you constantly find yourself caught up in crazy scenarios. Your best match will be someone who can commit to the day-to-day workings of a relationship and doesn’t make a run for it when the honeymoon period is over.

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