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Birthday Horoscope

August 16 2020 Birthday Horoscope

August 16, 2020

Happy Birthday! Your mind is so incredibly active and powerful this year it should come with a warning label! You are filled with energy, ambition, and a winning attitude that carries you forward, above, beyond, and toward attaining your dreams and goals in record time. You are also intensely emotional, and emotion works as fuel for your thoughts and desires. The trick is to keep your emotions positive and infused with uplifting energy. Stay away from anger, resentment, and self-pity as they will derail your forward movement.

The biggest challenge for you this year is that you not become so hyper focused and driven by ambition that you run yourself into the ground. You must also stay aware of the people around you, so you don’t use or abuse anyone on your way to the stars. If at any point in your journey throughout the year ahead anyone tells you that you are being selfish, unkind, or hard-hearted, take it as a signal from the Universe that you have crossed an important line and reevaluate your behavior.

Pay close attention to self-care as well. Make sure that you eat well, get enough sleep and exercise, and find ongoing ways to release stress in a healthy manner. Avoid the temptation to use or abuse addictive substances, including alcohol. They may be a short-term solution to your stress, but they can easily turn into a long-term problem in your life. A reading with Life Path Psychic can help you create a balanced life plan.

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