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Birthday Horoscope

August 13 2017 Birthday Horoscope

August 13, 2017

During your upcoming birthday year, you will possess a solid sense of who you are and your place in the world. You have valuable gifts to offer and you stand ready to deliver. You will bring determination and strong leadership skills to everything that you do. Eventually, your hard work will pay off and the results could pave the way for long-term financial security. Be sure to venture outside of your comfort zone and try new things instead of merely coasting on past successes. This could be a breakthrough year for your career, but be careful that blind optimism and an inflated sense of your power don’t make you overestimate what you can accomplish. Bragging about what you can do and then failing to follow through will set the wrong tone. Be content to let the results speak for themselves.

In love and friendship, you will be devoted to the people that you care about and will get a lot out of the time that you spend with them. The interesting ideas and information that they share with you can be inspiring but don’t allow it to take the place of your own wisdom.

You will be nurturing, artistic, and romantic. Due to your compassionate nature, you will want to believe that everyone has good intentions despite evidence to the contrary. Steer clear of people who paint an image of themselves that is not an accurate reflection of reality. You may have better romantic prospects with someone who hails from a different background, culture, or country.

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