Birthday Horoscope

April 8, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

Happy birthday! This year, you’ll seek to rise above the banalities of everyday life and explore something different. You may feel that your happiness and success depend upon your ability to move in a new direction. If you’re a free agent, you can spread your wings and fly. However, if you’re partnered in love or in business, this can create conflict in your relationship and your partner may attempt to clip your wings. You’re apt to be pretty ambitious and will work hard to achieve your goals. You’re prepared to fight to get your way, no matter who or what you might be up against. More work can mean more stress, so be sure to make self-care a priority.

When it comes to emotions, you’ll be stoic, determined, and strong. You can also be rather unpredictable and this may take others by surprise. Just when they think you’ve committed to a decision or course of action, you may suddenly change your mind and move in a different direction. This is just your way of keeping everyone on their toes.

In love, you’ll be in it for the long-haul. You’ll be committed to doing whatever it takes to nurture your relationship and to cultivate a happy and long-lasting bond. New partnerships that you commit to this year, either in romance or business, are likely to go the distance, so be sure to choose with care. A reading with a Love Psychic can tell you whether you and your mate are heading in the same direction.

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