Birthday Horoscope

April 24, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

Happy Birthday! This year, letting go of the past will prepare you to make a brave, new start, especially in your career. You’ll be more tenacious, hard-working, and ambitious than ever before. You’re not in it to merely survive, but to thrive and ultimately dominate in your field. You’ll be a fierce competitor and sheer endurance alone can help you outlast anyone who attempts to oppose you. However, more work can mean more stress, so be sure to make self-care a priority. You may possess the strength and endurance that allows you to excel at physically demanding tasks and activities like sports or fitness. Your take-charge style can also help you succeed in law enforcement or the military. A Career Advice Psychic can tell you how to make the most of your unique skill set.

You’ll be outgoing, open-minded, and super unpredictable. You’ll probably take more risks than usual and you’ll be drawn to things that are new and different. You can be dramatic and everyone will know exactly how you feel.

This could be a very auspicious year for your home and family life. You could move into a bigger place or a more exclusive neighborhood. Or you could expand your family circle.

In love, you’ll be incredibly perceptive with an uncanny ability to understand what makes your partner tick. You might be a bit aloof and may prefer the company of a partner who you find intriguing and who shares your interests rather than opting for intense emotions.

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