Birthday Horoscope

April 19, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

Happy Birthday! This year, you may be recognized as a genius, albeit one who is wildly volatile and unpredictable. It’s your world and you’re living by your own quirky rules. You’ll be drawn to everything that is unusual, experimental, and wildly different from the standard fare. No matter what your field happens to be, you can be a talented innovator. You’ll excel at launching bold projects, although you may fall short in the follow-through department. You’ll work best when you collaborate with a team who can successfully integrate your forward-thinking ideas with more traditional ways of doing things. You’ll be stubborn and not particularly objective, so it will be helpful to have allies who present a different point of view. A Career Advice Psychic can reveal the colleagues who are on your wavelength. Activities that are cutting-edge or involve new technology will be favored. You may also excel at physically demanding tasks and activities that involve sports or fitness. You’ll be incredibly ambitious and hardworking. More work can mean more stress, so make self-care a priority.

When it comes to relationships, you’ll be passionate, resilient, and relentless in the pursuit of what you want. When you fall for someone, you’ll fall hard. Love can be a deeply transformative and life-changing experience, although you won’t be able to control how it affects you and changes your life. You’re playing for keeps, so be sure that the person you choose is worth having. If you’re currently coupled, you can transform your relationship into a more mutually fulfilling union.

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