Birthday Horoscope

April 17, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

Happy Birthday! This year, you’ll make a big splash by doing something unusual or wildly innovative. Or you may shake things up in your world by making a change that takes everyone by surprise. You could be driven by a desire to overcome your fears and prove something to yourself as well as an urge to rebel against circumstances that have become too restrictive. You’ll be drawn to everything that’s new and different. You’re likely to be restless and easily bored, so you could flit from project to project in search of inspiration and excitement. You’ll be great at launching ground-breaking, new projects, although you may lack the staying power required to bring them to fruition. You’ll work best when you collaborate with a team who can take your ideas across the finish line. Activities that are cutting-edge, experimental or involve new technology will be favored. You may also excel at physically demanding tasks and activities that involve sports or fitness. You’ll be incredibly ambitious and hardworking, so it will be helpful to know where your efforts are likely to yield the greatest rewards. A Career Advice Psychic can guide you toward success.

In love, you’ll be confident, passionate, and persistent. At least in relationships, you’ll possess the staying power needed to build stability. A new relationship may go the distance. You’ll have the patience needed to improve an existing relationship and to help secure it for the future. Your best match will be a hard-working and down-to-earth person who is ready to receive what you have to give.

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