Birthday Horoscope

April 11, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

Happy birthday! This year, it may seem that everything you’ve ever dreamed of is within reach if only you can slay the dragon that stands between you and your treasure. Your nemesis could manifest in the guise of a powerful colleague or client or even your significant other. Either you won’t want to share the spoils or the other person might feel threatened by your ambition. Whether you take home the top prize or have to settle for a lesser attainment, this pursuit will toughen you up considerably. Just be careful to keep your expectations in check and don’t set the bar higher than you can reach. You can be incredibly stubborn, so it will be helpful to have trusted allies who can offer you advice. A Career Advice Psychic is standing by to offer valuable insight.

In both your personal and professional lives, your intuition and sensitivity will help you anticipate everyone’s needs. You can also intuit where things are trending in your career, thus giving you a leg up on your competitors. You could be more emotional than usual, but only those closest to you may recognize this because you’ll keep your true feelings concealed. The phrase “still waters run deep” will sum up your emotional state.

In love, you’ll be romantic, passionate, and persistent. You’ll be prepared to overcome any obstacle that stands between you and the relationship happiness that you desire. You’re playing for keeps, so make sure that the person you’re investing in is worth your time and your emotions.

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