Birthday Horoscope

April 10, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

Happy birthday! This year, you’ll need to determine whether you’re on the attack or the defense as you fight to move things forward with your personal and professional goals. The more passionate you are about your pursuit, the harder you’ll train and prepare yourself to take down any opposition you may encounter. A powerful person who appears to be at odds with you could turn out to be your most important ally. It will take cleverness to discern what a person’s true motives are. A Life Path Psychic can reveal whether an enemy is an ally in disguise. Even if it turns out that you have a true opponent, this could prove to be a blessing if it inspires you to tap into to your innate resilience and cultivate new strengths. You’ll be incredibly headstrong and determined to turn every no into a yes.

In love, you could be emotionally dependent upon your partner and may rely on him or her to take the lead. It isn’t that you’re subservient but more that you’re willing to sacrifice your own desires in order to get along. You could be extremely fortunate in love and happiness could be easy to attain if you’re willing to work at it, so you won’t always need to play it safe. Learning how to assert your own desires and needs will be essential to your long-term happiness whether you’re in a relationship or enjoying the single life.

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