Birthday Horoscope

April 1, 2018

Your Astrological Forecast for the Year
Courtesy of California Psychics

Happy birthday! This year, you’ll know where you’re going and you’ll have a plan mapped out to take you from where you are to where you want to be. Settle in. It will take considerable time and effort to reach your destination. You can feel daunted by the length of the road ahead of you and give up before you even begin. Or you can pace yourself, gather your resources, and elicit the support that you’ll need to attain your goal. Competitors and those who feel threatened by your ambition may attempt to stand in your way. Little do they know that this will only spur you on to do more. Because of your immense strength and willpower, you’re likely to be the last woman or man standing. Sheer endurance alone can make up for any skills you may lack, Because you’re working harder than ever, you could be vulnerable to stress-related illness or injury, so strive to make self-care a priority. You may excel at physically demanding tasks, sports, and fitness-related activities.

Your home and family life will be very important to you, although it could be subject to turbulence due to changes in your career. This can be unsettling, but don’t worry. A reading with a Deceased Loved Ones Psychic can provide the insight from your ancestors that will help keep your family life on track.

In love, you’ll dig in your heels and hold your ground until you get what you want because you’re laying the foundation for your future.

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