Sexual Chemistry

Are We Compatible?

Sure, a lot of times opposites attract - in a big way! The push and pull of differences can create friction, heat and a whole lot of excitement in many relationships. Some of these connections last - and ... read more
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Spring Clean Your Sex Life!

Do you find yourself wishing you had more of a sex life or at least a better one? Wondering what others are doing right that you're doing wrong? Well, with the weather heating up and libidos going ... read more
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Lust is Blind

Chemistry can be powerful. So powerful - in the early stages of a relationship, where we're meant to assess how well we actually fit together in a variety of categories - that we may neglect to take our ... read more
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Sexual Rejection

Dealing with sexual rejection is never a walk in the park. It feels lousy, and it's okay to admit it. But wallowing in self-pity and fears of your own inadequacy aren't going to help you: a) feel hot ... read more