Sexy Virgo Guys

Sensual, smart and a little mysterious, Virgo guys are some of the sexiest creatures on the planet. Richard Gere, Lance Armstrong, Hugh Grant, Keanu Reeves, Sean Connery, Charlie Sheen and Tommy Lee Jones ... read more
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Sexy Staycations

Summer may be winding down, but you can still fire it up between the sheets with a sexy stay-cation. After all, even if money is tight, you don't have to scrimp on satisfaction! These tips for fanning the ... read more

Christmas on the Couch

If you find yourself home alone this Christmas Day - whatever the reason - take advantage of the peace and quiet with our list of heartwarming holiday films. Any one of these classics are bound to fill up ... read more

Movie Magic

Sure, it isn't real. We all know romance on the silver screen is born of beautiful people, legions of writers and great lighting. But there's a reason we keep going to see the movies. Drama, comedy, action ... read more
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