New Psychic School

It looks like there will be a real-life educational institution for psychics! Think X-Men‘s Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. As home to the X-Men, the school was often called the “X-Men mansion.“ There they learned how to cultivate their extraordinary powers — not unlike psychics.

There’s a bid to buy a sprawling castle and open Britain’s first “psychic school of excellence,” The Lancashire Telegraph reports.

The bidder, a wealthy business owner, intends to spend ‘millions’ to renovate the 19th century castle. Plans include a hotel for psychics to tap into the spiritual realm, and a safe haven/retreat for those possessing psychic ability. Psychic workshops will also be included. But you don’t have to be psychic to stay.

Don’t pack your bags just yet — the school doesn’t officially open until in 2012.

4 thoughts on “New Psychic School

  1. kitkat

    Hollymorrow1’s right! Arthur Findlay College is the best! Very Hogwarts! Going there is an experience that you’ll remember always, and hope to get back to it often. I know I do!

  2. hollymorrow1

    Arthur Findley College of Psychic and Mediumship Studies…(aka Hogwarts) is in Stansted, UK…and it’s absolutely amazing.

  3. Danni, ext 5193

    As the parent of a psychic child with a wonderful gift I think this is a incredible thing. I grew up with only my grandmother to help me understand the special way I saw the world as a child with psychic abilities. We have come along way as a society, learning to embrace and encourage children to develop their skills is beneficial to us all!


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