Believe It or Not

Do you have to be a “believer” to get a good psychic reading? An open mind does keep the information flowing between the psychic and the client, but the response from our psychics was almost unanimous that a reading with a skeptic is always challenging and often most satisfying, because they are determined to make believers out of them!

Belief creates a connection between the psychic and the caller which more easily allows messages, visions, feelings and guides to come through to the reader.”It evokes a frequency that we psychics tune in to, making the process flow smoothly,” Althea ext. 9582 describes. “My take is that anyone who seeks the ear of a psychic has a grain of belief in the possibilities… or why would they take the time to experience a reading?”

When naysayers, skeptics, non-believers call in for readings they’re most often looking for the answers and the hope a reading can provide. Some have exhausted other means of finding information, others are just plain curious. From the perspective of Clairvoyant Charlotte ext. 9350, skepticism does not affect accuracy. Believer or not, the information is available to gather and present.

“Occasionally skeptics are looking to find flaws in their reading, or dismiss the evidence that truth is being delivered,” she explains. “They may actually have called for validation of their own point of view and the reading does not confirm it. But, with a combination of humor and delivering the goods, I do win them over!”

“You don’t have to be a believer to get a beneficial reading, as long as you approach it with the intention of at least listening to all that is communicated as truth,” Medium Donna ext. 9448 encourages. “Be ready to hear everything we see, then you don’t have to be a ‘believer.'”

Kallista ext. 9623 suggests that the client with an open mind is likely to get a better reading, noting that there is a difference between healthy skepticism, which protects you, and paralyzing skepticism which creates a block in your energy.

A revealing reading that proves there is really something to what they do, disclose. Intuitive Violet ext. 9662 makes believers out of skeptics as it closes the window of doubt. “I absolutely relish the opportunity to do these readings,” Jonathan ext. 9601 adds.

Many psychics describe the squeals of awe and the dead silence she gets from skeptics after launching right into their reading. “Those are the sounds of the customer’s brain spinning as they try to figure out how you knew what you knew. And when you get an abrupt hang up without any explanation, it’s an indication that you revealed something they hoped no one would ever know!”

Some callers are more frightened than skeptical says Sherri ext. 9556, who specializes in love and relationships. “My angels and guides usually let me know when I have a tough customer coming in. I try to make these callers comfortable, so they can relax and release any blocks that might make them more difficult to read. It’s when walls come down that a psychic can really work their magic.”

What a non-believer does with information they get in a reading can make all the difference in their life, our psychics agree. They may become more open to possibilities or just wait to see what happens. After the reading, Donna says, all decisions belong to the caller. Whether you’re a believer or not, Bobbi says, helping others to help themselves is what we do.

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