Does He Really Love Me?

Le Wang in Downey, writes:

Dear Red, I don’t know what to do with my three-year relationship. Or is there even one? He said he does care and loves me … he does not want anything deeper. I felt neglected and used, yet I don’t wanted to leave because I have this feeling he truly loves me. I also talked to many psychics, they all said the same things. I doubt his love for me because he’s been pulling back, and I have nightmares that he’s telling me he cheated, that he has two other women. I’m afraid my nightmares will come true, like some other dreams of mine do. I just want to know, is there hope for me? How long do I need to wait?

Dear Le,

Your boyfriend really doesn’t want to fully commit to you at this time. He really is content with having you and his freedom, too.

Your relationship doesn’t look like it’s ever been truly easy. Honestly, it presents as if it’s always been rather out of balance. I know that you do your best to keep things flowing smoothly, and your man seems to take advantage of that. He hasn’t been, nor will he ever be, the most reassuring partner. However, that doesn’t mean things will always be this tough. He does have love for you, and you obviously love him, but you will need to decide if the glimmers of happiness you experience with him are ultimately going to be enough.

Your boyfriend doesn’t always see the two of you as defined or exclusive, so he doesn’t necessarily classify his actions as cheating. While I can’t say that he has never been with anyone else since the two of you have been together, he currently isn’t sexually involved with anyone else. He is capable of monogamy, so you have little to fear when he is ready to fully commit to you. However, he is also a spirited man, so you have to be careful how you discuss your fears and insecurities with him. If he feels like he is being accused of wrongdoing, he will retaliate by doing wrong.

The bottom line, Le, is that if you love him enough to invest another couple of years into this relationship, the two of you will fully commit to each other. However, he is very likely to continue falling short of being the loving and supportive partner you hope that he will be.

Brightest Blessings,


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