4 Ways to Turn Fear Around

What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?

Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown, and often, to situations and events that challenge you. While you may not be able to erase the fear in your life, you do have the power to change how you handle fear by transforming it into something positive. Let’s look at some really constructive ways to move past your fear.

1. Build a New Story

The inner dialogue we have with ourselves carries enormous strength and has a significant impact in creating our daily reality. If fear is taking over your thoughts and actions, change your story. For each negative thought you tell yourself, counteract that with a positive one. Your subconscious follows what you tell it, so learn to be positive in your conscious thinking. Are you ready to face your fears to get what you want in life? Call Psychic Tatiana ext. 5189 to see what happens when you let go of your fears.

2. Pro and Con it

Whatever has you in a fear lock, enumerate the pros and cons of maintaining your current situation versus changing it. While the change in your life may induce feelings of anxiety and fear, oftentimes not making the change sentences you to an even more unpleasant future. Staying comfortable but miserable because you’re afraid to make a change will ultimately cause more destruction in your life and spirit than any fear created by taking risks.

“The opposite of fear is knowledge.” – Psychic Blythe ext. 5339

3. Exercise

Fear, though an internal reaction can quite literally be paralyzing. Break free from your fear bonds and burn off your anxiety through physical exercise. Raising serotonin levels and engaging endorphins will make you feel powerful and more able to conquer life’s challenges, including fear. So make sure to exercise on a consistent basis and discover its empowering effects.

4. Take Action

Push through your fear and take action, no matter how small the step. With each positive forward motion, your fear will begin to retreat. Trying to deal with the problem in its totality may seem insurmountable, but chipping away at it every day is a realistic way to overcome any fear, no matter how daunting it first appears to be.

“Fear is often what holds us back from making choices and taking chances. It’s a fear of the unknown and the thoughts that go with it. But by looking deeper into our fears and facing them head on, we are dealing with them. Oftentimes, we realize we had no need to be fearful.” – Psychic Tabitha ext. 5717

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  1. sue

    Thank you for these great articles!!! They are great reminders that I can read and re-read when the feelings start creeping in!!!


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