Get in Touch with Your Soul

 Reduce the Mind Chatter and Awaken Your Soul

Imagine you’re walking along and suddenly you think to yourself how beautiful the sky and trees are. You feel a burst of energy and a connection to everything around you. And then you say to yourself, “What am I doing? I’ve got too many things to do today.” Your focus has moved from your beautiful surroundings to your destination.

You live this dual perception every day. While there is a lot of contradicting research on this topic, it is known that we are a product of two brain hemispheres that are in a constant game of tug-of-war. For most of us, the left side is usually the more practical, rational and dominating force. As a result, we often miss out on meaningful, soul-enhancing experiences.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Have you heard of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor? You may have read her book or watched her TED lecture. She was once a very left-brained neuroanatomist who experienced brain deterioration as a result of a stroke. Rather than experience the logical fear that comes from being left-brained, she remembers feeling the nirvana of thoughtfulness, freedom and subjection.

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To celebrate this insight, she authored the book My Stroke of Insight. It is within these pages that she urges her readers to realize that we can live a more peaceful, soulful and joyful life by allowing the right hemisphere of the brain to lead more than it follows. While the left brain is what you need to get from point A to point B, it can sometimes get in your way. It can clog your thoughts with unimportant chatter about who you are and what you need to be doing, rather than seeing the bigger picture of how you fit into the world around you.

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Mental Chatter 

Even as I write this article I am dodging mental chatter about how this article will be perceived. I really want to express the important idea that getting in touch with your soul begins with freeing your mind. It begins with understanding the dueling personalities of the two hemispheres of your brain, and how you have control over which perception leads your life and destiny.

An interesting exercise to acquaint yourself with each hemisphere is to have a Q&A with each side. Take turns writing a question with one hand, and then answering with the other. Do not speak out loud, as this would allow the opposing ear to take part in the thinking. Instead, allow each hand to do the majority of thinking for you.

Your Brain and Your Soul

So far we have talked a whole lot about brains and very little about your soul, and yet there is a method to this direction. No matter how you envision your soul to be, its main competition is your need to explain your life and position in the world. It could be said that we are so focused on explaining life, we miss over 90 percent of its experiences. Moments of enlightenment are often cast aside because we think we do not have time for them. These are the opportune moments to get in touch with the revitalizing energy of your soul, and it all begins with stopping the chatter in the left hemisphere long enough to indulge in the moment.

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At this point, my left brain has elicited the need for me to make a confession to you, and that is the two halves of the brain may not be as at odds as we once thought. Recent research suggests that the brain’s hemispheres may work in conjunction with each other, in the same way that you work in a partnership with your psychic. This, however, does not change Dr. Taylor’s insight and her belief that you have control over your perception and experience in the world. You have the ability to communicate from your soul if you turn down the volume on its competing chatter within your head.

Getting in touch with your soul can be a huge undertaking. However, the first step is simply reducing the chatter in your brain about the who, what, and when, and replacing it with the splendor of the here and now. Once you have found this inner peace, practice channeling your thoughts to further unlock and awaken your soul.

8 thoughts on “Get in Touch with Your Soul

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    You outdid yourself on this 5 star article !!!!!

    This touches upon some of the work I’ve done in reading for Psychiatrist MD’s and their patients referred to me. I’ve actually written articles on this topic myself, years ago, that were published.

    I teach this to my psychic students and try to explain this to my clients as well.

    This is also why I endorse daily meditation so much .

    Well done, Eric !!!!!

  2. Marc from the UK

    Funny really, I wonder if this also equates to why we relax when doing, general DIY or gardening or panting, is this us getting in touch with our other side

  3. Jan Lawrence

    I was very much instrested in your comments about getting in touch with your soul. Until recently I never gave the soul much thought. Then I met this man from PA and he would always say Jan do you love my soul. Then I begain to ponder what he was asking. I think that this means to love someone above and below there faults their aburutes , good and bad, but it has taken me almost a year to find out about this and what it really means to be in love with their soul.
    We have meet and spent time together for two weeks. Broke up and we would not talk for a few weeks , but I just could not let him go after I fell in love with his soul. He also dosen’t seem to be able to let go of me, but then he has fears that really hold him back, from of his hurts and loosing a wife to cancer , that was a very emotional hurt and loss, and is afraid of loosing me if we were to marry. We almost did marry and he got cold feet in the relationship and he tells me to be patience and things will change, that it is not me it is him with all of these fears. I just some time have trouble being patient to thinking we are wasting time that is precious and need to move on, then he withdraws and retreats to his cocoon. In there I relaiaze there is no room for me to be, and that is his shield of protection he made to escape from his sorrows.Now these fears he has were there from day one and he never told me about them, until I got back home and time passed and he finally told me Jan I should of told you about my fears. It me not you at all.What a shock , I really have had about 3 shocks. I am a right brain person and to me he seems to be a left brain person , more men are than woman.I have the book left brain , right brain.
    Thanks for listening. Jan

  4. sherpeace

    Great article and just what I needed right now!
    I would love to share this on Pinterest. Any chance you can it a link to it?


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