Where is the Love?

If you’re dreaming about finding ‘the one’, and hoping that your fateful encounter with this person is on your immediate horizon, it can be very disappointing if a psychic doesn’t see it in your reading. So even if you want love now, and you want it badly, don’t just hang up on your advisor. A psychic can help you see the reasons why love may be eluding you, and point you in the direction to help you make your dreams come true.

Our psychics believe that there is always good reason when love is not destined to be in your life during a reading. “Though most people are not open to hearing this … being alone is a direct reflection of a person’s choices, intentions, or actions,” Giovanna ext. 5214 explains. “Most often it’s because a person hasn’t released an old love or is closed to the possibilities of the kinds of people they want to attract.”

When people ask why it has taken them so long to find love, it generally has to do with divine timing and learning lessons. The truth is, our psychics say, that you must be open to receive love in your life, to find love.

“Ideally we would like to give every client the great news that love and marriage and their soulmate are on the horizon, but it isn’t always the case,” Meredith ext. 5195 points out. Some people have not experienced love in quite some time and we can see that the future still looks bleak. These people are often living in the past — they can’t let go of old hurts and wounds from relationships. It may seem unfair, but love has everything to do with the law of attraction and positive manifestations. Negativity can’t bring true love.”

Some look for love with too much idealism. They may think that a new love will heal an old betrayal or a divorce,” Julia ext. 9131 explains. “In other cases, a caller may have misused their desires or mistreated their loved ones and may need to make amends.” “The future isn’t written in stone, Bridget ext. 5249 suggests. “Sometimes people have certain behaviors or unconscious blockages that are driving love away. If they can be open to their reading, see this, and try to resolve their issues, love often opens up.”

Others believe there is only one person out there for them and insist that this person must love them, when in fact, the psychic sees that they won’t. “I tell callers that it would be a cruel joke from the universe if our purpose was to find the one and only specific person in the world with whom we will find true love,” reports Giovanna.

“Sometimes a client thinks they want love and they really don’t,” Bridget reveals. “As a singles coach, I recently had an experience where part way through the work we were doing, a client realized she didn’t want a relationship. She wondered if there was something wrong with her. I saw that her astrological chart emphasized that the most important relationship for her is  her relationship with herself. Sometimes we just need to learn to get out of our own way in life.”

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  7. Jessica

    I agree with you, there are moments in life when there’s a need to be alone. Then surprise loves shows up when you least expect it. Its funny, I was out last evening a met a guy I didn’t expect to meet. We has a blast together actually he kept picking up while were dancing…LOL he said “you’re so cute I want to keep picking you up” I did get his number and I did txt him today however he’s yet to respond I think I entered the wrong number in my phone :(…Not sure how I feel, part of my heart is with someone else…I’m going to allow to take it’s course…

  8. Louise Luna

    I read Liam, the psychic’s article where he denies the existence of ‘soulmates’. In truth, much of the belief system that we who believe in the metaphysical sciences, and I do mean sciences, cannot be “proved” per se. How does one prove reincarnation? Or past lives? Or even astrology, although the fact that Carl Jung gave it credence, compared to Sigmund Freud who did not, always makes me smile. Liam is right in saying that there are many different ‘descriptions’ of soulmate, depending on who you ask. That really doesn’t have any bearing on the subject of soulmates. If one hasn’t read, researched, or experienced meeting a ‘soulmate’, then all those mis-directed interpretations of the word are just that, mis-directed. Meeting a soulmate is a jarring experience. It’s an instant recognition that exists on another plane. You feel as if there is a tie between each of you and it joins you together in a dramatic force. This is why many people will say, ‘I feel like I’ve met him before!’ You have. This doesn’t mean that everything is going to end up roses. I strongly believe that soulmates meet again to “finish up old business”. Whatever that business is. And karma/reincarnation also is part of the mix. Relationships take alot of work and energy. If one has been fortunate to meet their ‘Twin Soul’ and always remembers the core love for that person, the little annoyances they bring with them are just that. Personally, I think the most important relationship we can have is with ourselves and with the Cosmos. The human relationships that come through that process can only benefit if we are healthy enough to deserve them.

  9. Joey 9406

    Great article!
    Many times clients call and yearn so badly for a relationship, but they are blocked. They say they do not go anyplace, are not networking, etc. I try to point this out to these callers. Some of them listen and say they are going to ramp up and get going, while others get defensive and even angry at me. I think that is displacement, b/c they know what I am saying is true. I often tell people to treat finding a relationship like finding a job or anything else you want in life. Make it a project, be creative. I know, I did and I found a long term relationship.
    I knew Johnny Depp wouldn’t be ringing my doorbell any time soon. xoxo Joey—9406

  10. lisa

    I may be the runaway bride but why wont he take the time to tackle me!

    I dont like running but noone cares enough to make me stay.

  11. Paige

    I always believe that what we want for ourselves Spirit also wants for us. I have found that often when someone “gives up” on finding love is when it comes to them. It seems that sometimes we have to release it and turn it over to God.

    Peace and blessings to all,

  12. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    As open minded as I am, I am still a big believer that there is a mate out there for all of us….Liberating that thought, being alone is a choice. I have had times where I was alone, and I needed it, at that time…If you feel that you need to be alone, than you should be….But look out, because LOVE will find you!!
    Even if you say, never…And even if you resist, you will at least see, that love can and will show up…The choice is yours…
    But in the end, Love wins…Even in spirit..
    Miss Krystal

  13. Ivy x5198

    I agree. Timing is everything. “Divine timing” is a huge blessing. I believe that if we are not ready our soulmate can walk right up to us, even hang out with us. But if we are not ready, it will get…messed up. I share with my clients that past emotional hurts can be as serious as those we have suffered in our bodies. Should we try to run a 5k two weeks after a bad sprain? That would be goofy. It’s kinda like. I know patience are yuky, but it’s better than starting the healing process over again. oxox Ivy x5198

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    I actually have hysterically funny dreams in which I’m evading a ( my ) wedding ceremony at the last minute…..in the last one, I climbed a tree wearing a full wedding gown and stayed up in the tree hidden until evening when all of the guests, including the groom, left ( finally).

    In another dream, I was hitch-hiking down the highway, in full wedding gown attire…..headed out of town and away from my wedding.

    I wake up laughing in these dreams…..triumphant that I evaded capture, revelling that I still have my freedom!

    I think my Guides are trying to tell me something which is : you are happy and content with being alone….so why change(?)

    Relationships are not suited for every soul…..I’m a very good example of that.

    But now I’m only speaking for me…..different strokes for different SOULS.

    I do many love and romance readings with success….

    …I’m just using myself , LOL!!! ,as an example as far as illustrating the excellent points in this article……

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Very good article….

    I agree that, as Samantha put it, it is not always a priority of the soul. Verbena and Bridget had great points as well……

    Personally speaking, I’ve turned down many suitors in the past few very recent years…..a few of them were very nice men…..but it’s just not a priority of MY soul at THIS juncture of MY Karmic path.
    My mother wants me to date and ” find somebody to be happy with “……he he…..no way, I’m too busy working and having fun all by myself.

    And… I’m all for love and happiness…and have many male friends.But I prefer to keep them as friends.
    I’m pretty happy with me the way I am actually,( Mother just doesn’t get that part)….I’m too busy with my readings and the animal shelter I’m affiliated with.

    I KNOW myself well…if I had to choose between a date and playing in my garden ( when the snow melts that is) …..I know I would gleefully go play in my garden with my flowers.
    I figure that IF love does come calling, I’ll know when I’m ready.

    You astrologers out there will love this next sentence ; as a Virgo, with a grand trine in water,( lots of Picses, Scorpio and Cancer in my chart ), I’ll know he is ” the one ” when he motivates me enough, or ” moves me “enough, to make room in my busy schedule and my life for him. LOL!

    But I’m just speaking for myself…..I ought to print this out so Mother can post it on her fridge, so she stops trying to set me up with potential suitors !!!! I keep hoping somebody will sweep HER off her feet and keep HER busy…LOL !!!!!!

    For the time being…I feel happy and content and know that I’m walking my Karmic path.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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