You Know it’s Over: 8 Signs it’s Time to Break Up

 Break Up With Them!

Have you been contemplating your relationship with your significant other lately? Do you constantly argue or feel alone within the relationship? Does your logical mind tell you it’s pretty much over, but your heart won’t let them go? All relationships have their ups, downs and roller-coaster moments and anyone who says their relationship is perfect is usually not being completely honest.

While some relationships are currently harmonious, there was probably a period of bumps along the way to such harmony. Some relationships are meant-to-be while others are meant to end. If you know that your relationship is on the brink of disaster but you need more convincing that it is time to break up, here are 8 signs to help you decide if the time to split is now.

When There is No Effort

When one person in the relationship is not making the same effort as the other, this causes an imbalance that leads to some form of resentment. Happy couples keep each other happy and if that means making an everyday effort to connect, help out or express themselves, they do it without question. If your partner has stopped putting in effort, chances are they have given up on your relationship and do not feel it requires their energy and time.

They Cheated on You

While it may seem a bit obvious that this is a sign it’s over, some couples actually come back from and affair and fix their relationship through counselling or some sort of therapy. If you have tried to mend this wound and they don’t want to work at it, they are done with the relationship. If they keep cheating even after you found out, they are already mentally gone. Why not break up with them and find someone who respects you?

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Where’s the Sex?

If you haven’t had sex for a very long time and there hasn’t been any normal distractions like illness, kids, business trips etc. then there is a problem. If the fun in the bedroom has fizzled out and they don’t even touch you anymore, chances are they might be off touching someone else or are just done with the relationship.

Argument After Argument

If you are fighting all the time, even over who didn’t make the bed or who ate the last muffin, you have problems. A relationship cannot grow if there is constant upset and maybe after the honeymoon phase dissolved you started to see all the quirks and noticed that you don’t agree on many things. If you are constantly hurting each other it’s time to get some relationship counselling or break up and move on.

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Future Plans? What Future Plans?

When your partner stops talking about your future plans together, they might be picturing a future without you. If you both do not talk about the future and what you want to achieve as a couple (i.e., beach house, having kids, a new car, etc.) then most likely you have both decided you want something else. Why waste your time with someone who isn’t on the same page as you? It’s time to break up.

You Fantasize About Being Free and Single

If you find yourself secretly admiring the lives and conquests of your single friends, you might be craving the single life that can only come after you break up with your partner. Be aware of your fantasizing and figure out if you want to be back in the game and on the market.

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You’re Friends and Family Don’t Like Him or Her

Even though you may not like to hear it, your family and friends are great red flag detectors. While you are busy cleaning the smudges off your rose-colored glasses, your family can sense if the person you are with is the one for you. You know how they say, “Mom knows best”? Well it’s true. If your friends cannot stand hanging out with your partner, that is also a good sign that you are probably not going to stay together.

Low Blows and Digs

If you and your mate have been using past mistakes and personal issues as digs and if you are consciously trying to hurt each other to get a reaction, love has left the building. It is time to move on to a healthier partner who wouldn’t dream of hurting you in any way.

5 thoughts on “You Know it’s Over: 8 Signs it’s Time to Break Up

  1. vicki

    omg omg thanks for all the help i kept putting it off not to read it and its right on the money for those of us that are still trying keep strong and keep loving each other 🙂

  2. mackie

    I know n I see this n read it, n its everything that we have become n it started not long after we started, it was not all eight signs right away but at least 1 comes with another no matter whT n that continues till it is all eight at once. I knew. I saw it, watched it, was a part of it, I contributed, I felt it. N I still didnt leave. The times I had the strength to go n stay gone n let go are when he would fight for me to come back n n beg me n make promises n I would come back n I dont have that strength anymore n he knows something I dont or something cause I wanna so badly leave n never look back at all the horrible stuff thats gone on with us but. Despite that I keep finding myself here n hating it n wishing I could just remember this horrible feeling I have when im with him. Yet for some reason I have a whole nother painful horrible feeling when im without him. N he dont even beg me to come back or anything nice n I just come back anyways. Its sick n I hate it n I hate him most of the time, I look at him in disgust so much of the time n I cant stand how a human being could be so evil n litterly not care at all or even acknowledge they could ever be wrong. And its always different when its him doing something that if I did it would be hell to pay. Im ready, I think I can do this now. Ive got some plans to go where I will be with my loved ones n begin focusing on whats important n healthy n good for me n the people who really truly care for n love me too

  3. mauricesmook

    I had write. Religion is also that sign to have an unhappy life. At the moment I wish she would pack it up and leave. My wife hated my guts when I didn’t kneel before her religious convictions. To bad. Sheand my son can pack it in.

  4. Gosimilwe Dikgang

    I thank you for this one,have lived a lie for the past ten years of my fifteen years of marriage,mine has fathered two kids with one girl and it has never been the it is time to move before I die with stess


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