Reconnecting Online

Thanks to the internet, reconnecting with past loves is easy – sometimes a little too easy.  So how do you know when it’s a good idea to let your computer lead your heart? Here are five questions to ask yourself before reconnecting with an ex on the internet.

Am I being honest with myself?
If you’re doing a search for an ex, you owe it to yourself to be honest about your motivation for reconnecting. Are you just curious about what they’re up to these days – or are you looking to start a new relationship? Do you want to develop a friendship or rekindle your romance? If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, take things slow before you’re in over your head one way or another.

Am I being honest with my ex?
Once you’ve decided what you’re really after, it’s important to put your cards on the table with your ex. You don’t have to commit to happily-ever-after right away, but if you’re interested in reconciling, don’t let your ex think you’re just a shoulder for them to cry on about a current beau. On the other hand, it’s also not fair to allow your ex to think you’re looking to reunite, if all you want is someone to vent to. Be honest with your ex about your intentions and you’ll have a lot less stress – and get a lot more out of the relationship

Is my ex being honest?
You can’t control what your ex is thinking or feeling, but you can pay attention for clues that they aren’t being totally honest. If your ex knows you are looking to reunite, but they don’t seem to be able to let go of their “sort of” gcommittment, they’re not being honest about their intentions. If your ex is living a real life with another and having an online romance with you, they’re not being honest – to either of you.

Is my memory being honest?
It’s easy to remember the past through rose colored glasses. But the reality is that you and your ex split for a reason – or in most cases, many reasons. When you’re feeling lonely and nostalgic, and having a flirty chat over the internet, it’s easy to push the bad times from your mind. But once the romance switches from the internet to real life, will the problems of the past just bring you heartbreak all over again?

How does this relationship fit into the rest of my life?
If you’re unhappy with your current life, reconnecting with an ex can be as natural as slipping on an old comfy shoe. But just because something was once a good fit doesn’t mean it always will be.

Before you get too deep in an online romance with an ex, take a step back and look at what’s really bothering you about your life. Once you’ve addressed your issues, you’ll be more prepared to decide if reconnecting with your ex is what you really want.

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