My Partner Would Never Cheat on Me!

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My relationship is great! I know my partner would never cheat on me. I mean, I don’t see why he would. Things have been the same for a long long time. You know, we may not have sex as often as we would like but we deal with it. I realize the spark may not be there anymore but that can’t last forever, can it? I just want to know why he keeps starting fights out of the blue and then taking off for days. Where is this coming from?”

We become complacent in our relationships after a period of time. Fights get “resolved quickly” by not addressing the real issues, ignoring them, becoming afraid of confrontation and giving it a bad connotation. Instead of addressing the issues head on and dealing with them, including those uncomfortable feelings of reflecting internally on our own deficits and taking our chances on really upsetting our partners by talking about what upsets us, we suppress and hold it inside.

It always feels so good in the honeymoon phase of a romance—frequent, spontaneous sex, eagerly trying to please the other, overlooking bad habits and annoying behaviors, thinking about the other nonstop—oh, how grand! Now, back to reality! Studies have shown that the honeymoon phase can last from 3 months to 2 years. Others have coined the phrase Seven Year Itch to help us get prepared. In summary, the honeymoon phase is over when you realize that after all the sex, a meaningful conversation must be able to develop regularly, and speaking of sex, it may not occur quite as often. Other clues include realizing that each of you has bodily functions (shocking), and that you are able to focus on work and outside distractions and that the relationship will still be there despite not thinking about it 24/7. So, does this mean that after the honeymoon phase relationships must get stale and boring? Absolutely not! Before we open that bedroom door, let’s first find out if your man is showing telltale signs of opening someone else’s.

Day in and day out, callers want to know why their boyfriends start fights out of nowhere and for no good reason. These fights may occur periodically or frequently and then he won’t answer his phone, and he will never give a good reason for his absence. What about his phone being locked and not giving you the password? Why does he delete all his texts? What about those nights you wake up and find him at his computer privately chatting away, unwilling to share the chat with you? What about those strange charges on his credit card? What about his unwillingness to make love? I suppose there could be a valid excuse for all of these behaviors. I have seen all kinds of relationships work (good or bad) and this ultimately depends on the two involved and satisfying the needs within. You could hire a private investigator to follow them but then you have to ask yourself if  you want to spend that kind of money, what if the PI gets caught, and quite frankly, what has your relationship really come to at that point? Of course, asking a psychic is much less invasive, less costly, more confidential and a lot quicker. It is a very effective way of satisfying your curiosity.

Now, for that bedroom door. What can you do to lessen the chance of having them stray? There is no guarantee that they won’t. Studies have shown that 50-60% of married men engage in at least one extra marital affair. Those are some tall statistics! But that doesn’t mean you won’t be the lucky couple that stays loyal. Keep the relationship alive with date nights, surprise visits at work, love notes and fun activities you would have participated in while early courting. Most importantly, communicate effectively, learn to listen, learn to argue healthy (That’s right, there is a healthy way to argue.), and did I mention, communicate? Pretending everything is okay and not addressing issues is a very dangerous slippery slope. That immediate feeling of being uncomfortable in the moment of addressing the issue is much better than the demise of a relationship years later.

You may be right. Your partner may never cheat on you! However, playing ostrich with your head in the sand may feel safe but the most satisfying relationships take attention, hard work and dedication.

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  1. misskrystalmisskrystal

    One thing a lot of psychics tend to agree with each other, is, “Never say never” to anything..
    I try to remind everyone…hmmm.
    Nice article.
    Miss Krystal


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