Are You More than Just Friends?

When Friends Want to Become Lovers

Sometimes the line between friend and lover starts to get blurred. Perhaps you’ve known someone for years and then suddenly, you start to see them in a new light. Or maybe they start to see you differently. Has their behavior toward you changed? Are they doing things that could be considered romantic in the hopes of having a romance with you? Let’s take a look at some of the things friends do when they’re interested in becoming lovers.

They Give You Gifts “Just Because”

Many of us give gifts to our friends on special occasions such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter and birthdays, but if your friend starts giving you gifts, “just because,” it may mean they’ve developed romantic feelings for you. People who are just friends don’t go out of their way to constantly buy little gifts for each other, so if they got you your favorite perfume, “just because,” your friend might want to take your relationship to another level.

They Touch You More 

Is your friend finding excuse to touch you more? Do they put their arm around you or stand close to you? Maybe they try to hold your hand in public or snuggle up next to you on the couch while watching movies. If they do, they’re probably trying to build a stronger, emotional connection with you. They’re trying to step out of the “friend zone.”

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They Feel More Protective 

Friends stick up for each other and are naturally skeptical when a new romantic partner comes onto the scene. Your friends don’t want you to get hurt. But there is a different level of protection that comes when your friend develops romantic feelings for you. They may experience some jealousy if you date other people. In fact, the real jealousy comes when a friend with romantic feelings for you thinks you’ve met someone who could be a long-term mate.

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They Notice You More

If your friend begins to notice the changes you’ve made to your physical appearance, like a new hairstyle, or how your body looks in a certain outfit, there may be some romantic feelings there. If they take more of an interest in the things that are important to you, like hobbies or sports teams, they could be interested in more than friendship.

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They Stop Talking About Dates

If your friend has romantic feelings for you, they probably won’t talk about people they’re seeing or the people they have crushes on. They’re doing it because they want you to think they’re available to you romantically, if you’re interested. They don’t want to draw attention to someone else and they think if they stop talking about dating other people, maybe you will too.

18 thoughts on “Are You More than Just Friends?

  1. mika

    I found that when you truly care about someone.. feeling acceptance and understanding, should be enough for the time being. As difficult it is to refrain from screaming your feelings at that special friend, patience and enjoying them for what they bring into your life, time has a way of putting things into perspective.
    Be strong and happy for yourselves and more always follows

  2. yannie

    friends become lovers…. its really true, it really happen to us… my best buddy the only best friend that i have have loved me & i don’t realized it that i love him in return … what we have is so special that we are still waiting for our right time… …

  3. Shannen

    I have a friend I have come closer to since I broke up with my ex. He doesn’t want a relationship and I’m unsure if I want to be in one myself but I’ve developed feelings and I’m not sure if he has or if he wants to stay friends. I noticed a couple times that he would look at me differently but not sure what to do.

  4. Freddy Alvarez

    I have a friend, We’ve know each other for about two years, I am so in love with her, but I’m not sure she is in love with me, there’s times when I thing she loves me we go out to a movie, dinner or go out of town for the day, we get along really well, we sit at table and talk and just stair into each other eyes, but then the next day, its like nothing ever happen, i just want to know if she has feeling for me or am i just wrong. PLEASE HELP ME, I feel so alone, 🙁

  5. Missing

    I don’t have anyone that really loves me, but it would be so nice to feel that love again, It isn’t in this house!!! 🙁

  6. Misty

    I just left my boyfriend, I felt bad the whole time like something wasn’t right…but every time I felt like it was right it was wrong!

  7. Prem K Prasad

    I thank you for your great advice, it means
    a lot. I am looking forward for getting hired
    in a professional positions.

    Hopping that I will get what I want.

    Thanks again

  8. Linda Borell

    I did have this experience when I returned to college when I was 35. I became involved with a wonderful 18 year old man. However when I became close to him, he shied away from me like nothing I ever saw before. I guess the idea that we were 17 year apart frightened him too much.

  9. raheleh

    There is someone at work who tries to put boundaries for himself.but for me he tries to see me but not always.I have felt might be he is into me,when we are together,he makes me laugh,and recently he says something in hidden way that I guess might be he likes can I understand the truth?he doesn’t anything especial but the way he says his idea and uses catch-phrase,made me uncertain.what is that?thank you


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