Are You Meant to be Single?

Single Forever?

If you’ve enjoyed the company of a mate in the past, but have been single for a while or if you feel like you’ve been waiting forever for the right person to come along, you may be asking yourself, “Am I meant to be single?” That’s a great question. If you’re asking it’s because you think something (or someone) is missing in your life. Let’s shed a little light on your dilemma.

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe anyone is meant to be single. We’re human. We have strengths and weaknesses and our weaknesses are often a result of the things we lack. That’s why we seek out others. Relationships give us the things we can’t give to ourselves. And in relationships, we give to another what they can’t give to themselves. It’s the give-and-take that makes a relationship work. It’s part of our natural human instinct. We all have the inherent need to be with someone.

Single Now or Forever?

So the question really is, “Am I meant to be single at this very moment in my life?” The answer to this question could be yes, and that’s okay. I don’t believe that there is one soulmate for everyone, and if we haven’t met them by a certain time we’re done, kaput and out of luck. I do believe that soulmates come in and out of our lives at the exact moments they are supposed to be there.

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There are many people in the world who are married, but unhappy. There are also many people in the world who are single, but happy. Gone are the days when we look at an unmarried woman in her 30s and call her an “Old Maid.” Gone are the days when we look at a single man in his 50s and call him a romantic coward. Society doesn’t dictate when you should settle down and get married. Being single at this point in your life could just be the path your life was meant to take.

Get Your Life in Order

You may just be getting your life in order. Some people need to learn a lot about themselves—what makes them happy, what makes them tick, etc.—before they enter into a romantic relationship with someone else. There is nothing wrong with being single and independent!

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Many years ago, one of my best friends went through a bad breakup, and as a result, she swore off dating for good. Her bad relationship experience eventually forced her into therapy where she started analyzing bad cycles in her life. It set her on a course to learning how to break those negative cycles. And then she met her soulmate. They’ve been together for almost two decades! She needed to let go of something before the person who was meant for her could come into her life.

You’ll meet someone great when you’re ready. There is someone out there for everyone. That person will share you interests, hopes, dreams and desires. They’ll make your heart race when you think of them and they’ll love you for who you really are. Until then, relax.

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Work on Yourself

In the meantime, work on yourself. Think of all the blessings that come with being single, embrace them and own them. Don’t stress out and don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You can talk about your fears and concerns with a good friend, therapist or your favorite psychic. When it’s absolutely the correct time to meet them, you will.

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