Lie Your Way to Your First Date

Harmless or Harmful?

Meeting that special person at a point in your life when everything is not “picture perfect” is bittersweet. When you are interested in someone romantically, of course you try to put your best foot forward. Though it is excusable to exaggerate your positive attributes when first getting to know someone; it is unacceptable to tell egregious lies that represent a person you never were or will be.

To make the difference very clear, compare these two lists of “Little White Lies” and “Deal-Breaking Lies.” Keep track of any lies you could envision yourself telling or have told a romantic interest. When finished, add up your lies from each category to determine if your first date fibs are harmless or harmful to your romantic future.

Harmless, Little White Lies:

1. Saying you are a few years younger or older than your actual age (if you are over 18).

2. Telling someone you have a job just after you were let go or are about to be hired.

3. Acting like you are interested in someone so you can give the person a chance to impress you.

4. Pretending you like a specific type of food because the other person does, and you want to give your taste buds another chance.

5. Dating more than one person at a time since you are not in an “official,” monogamous relationship yet.

6. Saying you like a certain hobby or sport when you do not, but you honestly think it could grow on you.

7. Holding off on revealing your family background for personal or legal reasons.

8. Standing up your date due to nerves but telling them you had a personal emergency and would like to reschedule. (As long as you show up the second time.)

9. Claiming you are 5 – 10 pounds lighter or heavier than you are.

10. Not admitting that you have experimented a little with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Harmful, Deal-Breaking Lies:

1. Saying you are 5 or more years younger or older than you are, especially if you are under age.

2. Telling someone you have a career in a certain field in which you have no degrees or experience.

3. Acting like you are interested in someone just to get a free drink, dinner, movie, or gift.

4. Pretending you have a severe allergy to a certain food to avoid eating it.

5. Dating even though you are in a committed, monogamous relationship.

6. Saying you are a professional at a certain sport, hobby, or craft when you are not.

7. Faking an accent and/or pretending you are foreign.

8. Standing someone up and not giving any reason.

9. Claiming you are 20 or more pounds lighter or heavier than you really are.

10. Not admitting you are a smoker, alcoholic, or drug addict.

These are just some of the things that men and women may lie about in order to get a date. They range from little white lies that are not far from the truth to deal-breaking lies that make you seem like a different person, which will ensure a negative start to most relationships. One way to determine whether your lie is minor or serious is to consider your motive: if you are trying to protect your date or trying to make yourself appear at your personal best, there is not much harm in that as long as the truth eventually comes out. On the other hand, if your deal-breaking lie makes you seem like a completely different person, then reconsider what you tell your potential date, especially if you are truly interested in a long-term relationship.

Now, if you find yourself lying quite often to get those first dates, think deeper about why you are lying; it may likely be a lack of confidence. So, ask yourself: “Why am I not confident enough in myself to be honest with this romantic prospect from the beginning?” A psychic advisor could help you answer this very important question whose roots probably grow deep from past experiences and could continue to affect future relationships. Let a psychic help you be confident in your truth and seal the deal on a first date by being your authentic self! Want to know why you are having a hard time being your authentic self? Psychic Sable ext. 5336 has the answers!

One thought on “Lie Your Way to Your First Date

  1. Jacqueline

    personally I think this is a crock. If you have to lie at all something is wrong. If you can’t be honest with them then don’t bother.


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