4 Healthy Ways to Get Back at Your Ex

Healthy Ways to Get Back at Your Ex

Get Back at Your Ex the Healthy Way!

When you’ve been dumped, plenty of revenge fantasies may pop into your head. You may dream about slashing their tires, writing a scathing memoir about their lack of sexual prowess or sending embarrassing pictures of them to their mother or new partner. These ideas are great and fun, but not very healthy. How about doing something better instead? Here are four healthy ways to get back at your ex!

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Sell the Gifts and Torch the Cards

If you were in the relationship for a long time, chances are your home is full of gifts and cards from your ex. Every Valentine’s Day card filled with words of undying love and every stuffed animal, piece of jewelry, etc., is a reminder of your failed relationship. So why keep it? Get your cards and love letters together and shred them or burn them up! Then take all the gifts and sell them on eBay! Who says breakups aren’t profitable? With the extra cash in your pocket you can buy yourself a single-and-fabulous gift that’s better than anything your ex ever gave you.

Get Hot

Love makes us do crazy things, including neglecting workouts and letting ourselves go. It’s natural not to be so heavily focused on our bodies once we fall in love. But now that the relationship is over, it’s time to get back into your healthy routine. Get physical, break a sweat and get those endorphins going! Not only will physical activity help you deal with the stress and sadness that comes with a failed relationship, it’ll also help you look hot for when new love comes knocking. If you’re already in great shape, consider getting a new hairstyle or wardrobe makeover. Do whatever you think will make you feel good and look better. And wouldn’t it be awesome to run into your ex as the new-and-improved you? You’ll make them sorry they ever dumped you!

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Meet Someone Better and Flaunt It

Just because you got dumped, it doesn’t mean you’re unlovable. Make an effort to find someone new who is better than your ex and with whom you are more compatible. I’m talking about compatibility on every level—mental, emotional and physical! Take your new love to all your old haunts and make new and better memories with them. Who knows, you may run into your ex. Let them see you happily in love with someone else. It will make them feel like they never mattered to you.

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Forgive Them and Yourself 

If you’re carrying anger and resentment toward your ex for dumping you, they’re still a part of your life and you’re letting them control your emotions. The best way to stop this is to forgive them. Forgive them for treating you like crap and for not being the partner you needed. Forgive yourself for staying with someone who didn’t bring out the best in you. Forgive yourself for wasting your time by spending it with someone who was not your equal. Then let the entire relationship go!

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Revenge is really fun and it makes us feel really good to know we’ve hurt someone who hurt us first. But, not all revenge is healthy. As the old saying goes, “The best revenge is living well,” so don’t waste another minute thinking of ways to get back at your ex that don’t serve your highest good. Move on with your life, make it amazing and find someone deserving of you to share it with.

13 thoughts on “4 Healthy Ways to Get Back at Your Ex

  1. dmarantzdmarantz moderator

    First love is really powerful, especially if you feel like you could have shared so much more together. You still feel a strong connection to him and you probably always will. Is it hard to deal with? Do you feel like it gets in the way of your other relationships? A California Psychics relationship psychic can help you work through your feelings. And if you want to connect to your first love, or see if he has any messages for you, I suggest reading with a medium. Call: 1.800.573.7495 to make an appointment.

  2. Chrissi

    well as a 17 year old at college I fell in love with an Indian guy and he with me I never thought the relationship would go on after we left college but it did-we split a few times as I was not as wise as I should have been in relationships – we never stayed apart long though before he’d write or call as in his words he couldn’t get me off his mind- he got annoyed over me going off somewhere with someone else when I wanted to go somewhere he didn’t- and when I came back and we met the next day he told me off so I walked off, and he actually cried- it came to a final end though when his family found out and his parents married him to someone they thought more suitable and moved everyone many miles out of the area I lived, so we didn’t see or contact each other for many years I felt as he was now married I shouldn’t even try- but in the intervening time I spent time trying to replace him, even marrying someone else but nothing ever worked out husband went back to his ma- and many times I got into relationships where I was used as a sex object- and eventually ended up in a violent and abusive relationship with someone I’d let stay in my flat because he needed somewhere closer to London to look for work- I hit rock bottom and was considering suicide as the only way out as I’d no way of getting him out, no phone and a load of debt because he refused to help with the costs of the flat unless his name was on the tenancy – one afternoon a friend turned up with my beloved who told me my life was worth more than my home and contents and to look for whatever way out I could find- gave me the courage to get out- I knew he couldn’t leave his wife and family but I found a guy I liked and we got married- figured he loved me and I’d grow to love him over the years-I actually thought I’d got over him- but three years ago I heard he’d died and I literally fell apart I think there was a part of me believed once our families had grown up we’d get back together again- I still love my first love even now and I was told he never stopped loving me either but in the 70s especially arranged marriages were more common and families were very proactive in discouraging relationships they disapproved of- I had two of his brothers explain why I shouldn’t be with him and what would happen to him if I didn’t ‘leave him alone’- I still miss him and wish to be with him even though I have a good marriage and a loving husband- and want to know why this should be so even after all this time ?

  3. Joy Silverfox

    I thank you so much for the advice I needed that cause my ex dumped me for no reason and was in another relationship 1 week later. so thank you for making me realize that I matter.

  4. Deb

    I dated this guy for 13 years and we were engaged… its funny how the truth has a way of coming out a little bit at a time. It’s been a year and a half since the breakup. Ladies… get a hold of yourselves…. you deserve much better. Try online dating… walk… wake up each morning and look at yourself in the mirror and shout, I am great and I deserve better than this! Most of all give yourself time to heal. Your new man is out there, when your ready, get busy and find him!

  5. PR

    The best advice I can give all women: DON’T EVER LET A MAN DEFINE WHO YOU ARE. So often we give up our needs to make sure they have their’s met. Sometimes we feel we have to have their approval to feel worthy. Sometimes we need to be needed so much that we put who we are aside. And, sometimes we feel we can “love” whatever is wrong with them right out of them. Trust me, none of the above work or will ever work. Cherish who you are, laugh at your faults, believe in yourself and you will find someone who loves you just as you are, warts and all, as they say. I have been there. I am guilty of all of the above. It has taken time to regain my self-esteem, my self confidence. But when I lost my last relationship I was devastated until I read something that just resonated my truth. When your with the wrong person, it is the most lonely place you can ever be. (author unknown)

    No matter what we do, if we do any of these things, we lose the most valuable thing we have, ourselves.

  6. dmarantzdmarantz moderator

    Since I don’t have psychic abilities, I can’t get in his head. Maybe he wasn’t being sincere. Guys often say things they think we want to hear as a means of getting what they want from us, whether it’s money, sex, security, etc. You seem like a nice person and you deserve better. Treat yourself to a psychic reading. You’ll feel better about your situation and who knows, maybe you’ll find out if a new and better love is on its way. You certainly deserve it!

  7. Franny Hawkins

    Thank u for your advice & what really hurts me is he always told me he never wanted to lose me & I had his heart & almost exactly 1 months prior to leaving me for this woman he was planning on moving me in with him

  8. dmarantzdmarantz moderator

    He didn’t realize how good he had it when he was with you! But, should you take him back if that becomes an option? One of our relationship psychics can explore your options during a reading. You can find out what will happen if you take him back, or if you just move on. Also, you can get great tips on how to make the relationship work a second time around. Call: 1.800.573.7495 to make an appointment.

  9. Franny Hawkins

    Hi I was with a man for almost 2 & a half years up until the end of April. I do believe with all my heart & soul that this particular man is my SOULMATE!! HE all of the sudden dumped me for someone else but had come by for a short time twice to see me & told me he misses me. I know for a fact they have been having relationship troubles. What should I do or not do?? PLEASE CAN U HELP ME?? GOD BLESS

  10. dmarantzdmarantz moderator

    You need to explore why you feel attracted to someone who mistreats you. Don’t you think you deserve better? You should consider speaking to one of our psychics who specialize in love and relationships. Call: 1.800.573.7495 to make an appointment.

  11. rita

    hi ive been with him for a year but not im not cause after being with him he wants only sexual relatship thats it and when we were together he didnt want anyone to know about us nor go out in public hes not married yet hes so miserable to me but i miss him it makes no sense i know ive been told i feel i never find anyone else what should i do


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