Have Fun On New Year’s Eve Without a Date

Dateless, Not Desperate

When you think of ringing in the New Year, you might wish you had someone to kiss at midnight. But if that isn’t going to happen, you may be less than enthusiastic about stepping out on New Year’s Eve. However, you don’t need a date on New Year’s Eve to have a great time. Here are five dateless ways to usher in 2017!

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1. Mingle With Singles
Don’t think you’re the only dateless person on New Year’s Eve. Some people choose to go solo because they’re actively looking for love or a hookup, and they could be looking for you! This means you still have a chance to smooch someone at midnight and you’ll have a pool of eligible partners to pick from.

2. Work for the Money
Working on New Year’s Eve only seems like a drag, but if you’ve got bartending or waitressing skills, you have the opportunity to make some cash. Local bars, hotels, and restaurants may need additional staff, or you could get a job at a private party. It’s a holiday, so you may get paid more than the usual rate to work. You could also get great tips, as drunk, happy people tend to be generous. And if you still have some energy, you can still go out with your coworkers to swap stories late into the night.

3. Pamper Yourself
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is self-care, why not spend New Year’s Eve pampering yourself? Skip the crowds and the parties and stay home. Have friends over or get some of that much needed alone time. Draw a hot bath, give yourself a facial, manicure or pedicure and order food from your favorite restaurant. Binge watch your favorite show or watch a great movie. You’ll ring in 2017 feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and, best of all, not hungover.

4. Get a Group Together
Whether you go out or stay in, having friends share the night with you is a great way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Go for a fancy dinner at a swanky place you’ve never been to, or have an old-fashioned sleepover, complete with scary stories and a sundae bar. Being with your crew takes the focus off being unattached and puts things in perspective: with great friends like these, your heart is already full.

5. Make It a Family Affair
Use New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to bond with your family. Spend the night at Mom and Dad’s (and let them spoil you with a home-cooked meal), or offer to watch your nieces and nephews while their parents go out. This holiday can be a great chance to spend time with those you love, especially if you live far away or don’t get to see your extended family often.

One thought on “Have Fun On New Year’s Eve Without a Date

  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren

    Great tips, Natasha! So many of us put undue stress on ourselves by focusing on having that right person at this time of year, that it is refreshing to read an article that puts the focus on relying on oneself for happiness.

    I like to compare life to a cake… it takes a lot of ingredients in the correct proportions to make a great cake and the cake should be tasty enough to stand on its own. A relationship should be similar to the icing on the cake: it adds to the cake and makes it a bit sweeter, but one’s life should be balanced and fulfilling enough to get through those times when we are on our own.

    Brightest blessings!
    Seren, Ext 5445


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