Find the Time to Have Sex

Over time a relationship changes and so can your sex life. We have seven tips or ideas on how you can make more time for sex and naturally fit it into your lifestyle.

Make it a Priority

After you’ve been in a relationship awhile, you may notice that your socks stick to your feet a little more than they used to, the red lipstick rarely makes an appearance past 9 p.m., and your Saturday night usual becomes more of a “maybe, we’ll see how it goes.” You are not alone. The important thing is that you have found your way here because you care about your intimate relationship with your partner and are looking for ways to make more time for sex. To help you on your way, try these seven tips on for size!

Tip #1: Don’t shrug it off

You may have mentioned the lagging bedroom antics to your partner, and they may have already given you the cold shoulder. I am going to advise you not to shrug it off. If you let sex sit on the back burner, it can start to get a little chilly. The problem starts when you complain about your sex life and your partner feels like you are blaming them. Take the initiative to make a change, but just keep the conversation positive. Otherwise, you could end up pushing them farther away.

Tip #2: Sex may be natural, but it certainly doesn’t come ‘naturally’

Why do many couples shrug off their sex life? Because they actually believe all those films in high school, depicting the birds and bees happily getting it on. They didn’t need any Viagra, Al Green, or Kenny G to make things happen. In the real world we have things like jobs and kids that compete for our attention. This is why it is important to make sex a positive habit that is explored several times a month. Is sex a positive habit for you? It should be! Psychic Phoebe ext. 5231 can show you how to make it a priority.

Tip #3: Make casual sex a habit

According to surveys, the lovers who are most devastated by their sex life are the ones who are not getting enough of it. In other words, couples who report having moderate to good sex regularly, don’t even consider it to be a priority in their relationship. The more you do something the less pressure and expectation you will feel, and the more casual enjoyment you will get out of it.

Tip #4: Make it a priority

It may sound extreme to think of sex as a priority in life. However, in a world where a 50 percent divorce rate is creeping up faster than your next birthday, I’d say it is a worthwhile investment of your time. Make physical intimacy a priority on your to-do list.

Tip #5: Early to bed, early to sex, makes the body happy, horny and wise

One way to make sex a priority is to have it first thing (a.k.a. “The wake and quake”). It may be hard to get the juices flowing if it is not something you’re used to. However, there is some sound, practical science behind it. One, it is a great way to get around the “kids are home” dilemma. Two, it is one hell of a way to start the day, and three, a guy’s testosterone levels peak first thing in the morning. By the time mid-afternoon rolls around, his peak is dwindling, and it will be dragging in a wheel barrel when the word “sex” even comes up, which is usually before bedtime. Don’t let this be you. Get it done first!

Tip #6: Fore-think, before you foreplay

Couples who are trying to make more time for sex will fare best if they always think ahead. When you have a lot of competing things in your life it is hard to hit each other’s schedule just right so that you are both thinking about the same thing. In order to get around this, you can tease throughout the day, giving little hints on what you plan to do later (or earlier). This will allow ample time for anticipation to set in, which will warm things up and enable you both to juggle your schedules so that you’re on the same page once duty calls. Get on the same sexual page with your partner with the advice of Psychic Dylan ext. 5495.

Tip #7: Do it like the piggies do

You will never be able to organize your lingerie drawer, change the sheets, and color your hair before the big evening. Sometimes you have to take advantage of a moment and just do it in a messy closet, on top of a cluttered kitchen counter, or in a shower with a little mildew on the tile. The message here is making sex a priority. Don’t put it off until everything else in your life is organized, as that is probably what got you in this slump in the first place.

15 thoughts on “Find the Time to Have Sex

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    As my Grandmother once said to me, on the Eve of my wedding night no less,
    she said : ” can’t and won’t are two different things, remember that in the future “.

    She was right. LOL

    Good article Eric…have a Happy Thanksgiving !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. quinn ext. 5484

    #7 – oh hell no, i will make the bed if i get up first with my husand still in it 🙂
    making love however is first on my to list – just don’t have the heart to do it in a messy space.
    this little piggy is a neat freak.

  3. bradley

    If your sex life is that bad that you need to follow what is said in this article? Both of you must be with the wrong partner! Which is not uncommon many relationships are based on a bad foundation…Looks,security,social status,distance,This will do for now,What can they do for me,Desperation and I don’t want to be alone…

  4. Douglas Meeds

    Almost all of the counselors I’ve been to, have stated that foreplay before sex is not lmited to the bedroom!! FOREPLAY is any positive, loving inerplay between partners thoughot the day….wrap your rms around her wast while she’s doing dishes….or, give her a peck o he cheek while she’s starting the laundry….or, stop her in the hallway just to give her a face-to-face hu! FOEPLAY is all day long, not ust at bedtime !!!


    For seniors starting a relationship,I am not sure of where,a neutral space,or one of our
    houses. I think I would be more comfortable in a neutral space. Opion please.

  6. Katrin Paulsen

    My man hardly has interst in sex anymore and he works away for long periods of time.he cuddles a lot kisses a lot but no sex .went on a holiday and he could not get it hard.he has also cheated on me .i would like to stay so how can I get him in the mood? Does he feel quilty?what can I do to no talk about it? He sails he has to see a doctor about it .he also drinks after work and weekends does cocaine can that affect his drive as he gets older.?i want to exite what’s the best approach?

  7. Nada

    Thanks to the team that wrote on this subject. Certainly, sex is part of life, but even more important and more difficult to find the right person, because if it were so, then all those lessons about sex should not. It would be spontaneous and desired satisfaction.
    We, in Serbia, we read your books gladly and your books are full of examples, so that we would be happy if we could get to them.

  8. virgo

    Sex is not everything in a relationship as communicatin and trust and respect for your partner is as i do not understand why that SEX should be just an important issue, but yes i agree that we all need too mate but to me it is at the bottom of the food chain and no i don’t need viagra as my hormones are working well so lets leave it at that shall we, as anyone out there can go wham bam thankyou mam, but without the respect and dignity as well as the communication and the trust that goes with your self and your partner welll then you have nothing but lust and a sex money reltionship and a hell of a boring sex life well bye for now and the best of british.


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