Does Your Mate Really Love You?

Don’t Settle For Less

You will know if your partner really loves you through their actions. It is said that human beings need love in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Too much or too little of love can really impact the way we treat one another. If you are feeling pain because your partner is constantly hurting your feelings, then this may not be the right person for you.

People always say, “I’m falling in love,” but when you’re in love you shouldn’t be falling but rising. It’s better to say, “I’m rising in love.” Honestly, love should be uplifting, like a natural high. Love should not be letting you down. At times, it’s okay to wait for the person to come around. However, if they are not adjusting, then set the standards. Take control of what you want out of your relationship and don’t settle for less than what you want.

Be honest with yourself. Is this person trustworthy? Have they shown you signs of infidelity? Why continue to fool yourself into believing that they are capable of being in a monogamous relationship? If they are not ready, you can’t force them. It’s better to just have an open relationship. At least, both parties are being honest with each other. I understand, you may not want to share them, but a relationship goes both ways. I think it’s a sign of masochism, when people allow others to step all over their hearts. Sometimes, the person doing the stepping doesn’t love themselves, much less to love you the right way. You can be sympathetic towards their situation, but being sympathetic doesn’t mean being a punching bag or a doormat. On the flip side, if you have patience to weather the storm then go for it. But understand that if they can’t love themselves, then they can’t love you properly. If you are guilty of being a masochistic person, then you need to take a break to find yourself. Find a way to love yourself first.

“Remember that your mind, body, and soul belong solely to you.” – Psychic Agnes ext. 5400

If your mate loves you then you will know. They would do things to show you that they care. They would constantly try to get to know you better and find what interests you. Consistency is key. We all love differently. Some of us need material things to prove that someone loves us. Some of us just need quality time, attention, or emotional comfort. Whatever it may be, this should be communicated. Love is not a one-way stream. It goes both ways. You give and you get. If you are giving too much and not getting back what you deserve, then it’s time to move on. Find someone else that can love you the way you want to be loved. And treat you the way you need to be treated.

“Waiting on something that is never going to happen is not a good use of time, but waiting on something wonderful is well worth the wait.” – Psychic Sable ext. 5336

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26 thoughts on “Does Your Mate Really Love You?

  1. Marc from the UK

    Message for CHRIS, what comes out of some ones mouth (your guy) is not alwaysy what he is thinking and feeling! It is only a projection of what he wants you to hear, judge him by his kindness, sincerity (actions) a guy must always give without expecting and be prepared to put himself out for you. Well thats my take on things! I am English!!!

  2. will he ever be mine

    wow so true i dont feel like my boyfriend cares about me like he just dosnt understand that i dont get jelouse its just offenceive that he says its ok for him to just shove hot girls in my facedont feel that trying its likei dont matter and i to make him jelouse helps and it just makes us madder at each other and love him a lot but he also left me and asked out my bestfriend will someone plaeassss give me some advice

  3. breezy

    Wondering what i heard from someone that knows my boy freind and my best friend…if they had sex ..i did approached them and asked and they both denied it totally..she said we have 30yrs of friendship and i would never done that…He says i wouldn’t do that to you thats your best friend!!! But my guts tells me something else that they did at one time ..In the 3 yrs that we have been together…Just wondering do you feel anything about that subject?

  4. Yashira

    Response to Shauntay Ellis & Jus,

    “We all love differently.” Shauntay in your case you want him to be more affectionate instead of buying you gifts. And Jus, you want him to buy you gifts. Why not ask them? It’s seems that your signals may be crossed. Clear it up by telling them what makes you feel loved.

    I recommend reading the book The five love languages by Gary Chapman. This gives more details on different ways people communicate when it comes to love. I’ve with psychic Wren and I find her to be very empathic. She is really good at tuning into your mates feelings and can give you more insight.

    Good Luck!

  5. Someone somewhere

    Awesome! I’ve been tryin to come to grips with a 5 yr relationship & I’m miserable. The person I’m with has good & bad qualities. The bad ones have turned into deal breakers. At the end of the day, I’m not happy. I have totally shut down emotionally & now physically, but haven’t broken it off in fear of hurting them. Unfortunately I’m the one gettin hurt & it’s worn me out! Thanks for spelling it out for me!

  6. fran

    i really loved your article about ifa man really loves you and what to look for it made alot of since ack yound was very inspring to me. than

  7. Gopinathan k

    The information was good and perfectly presented.But then love and affection are of different
    types.If what is meant in this article the male/female relation ship,then it is true to a great
    extent but for other relationships this doesn’t hold good

  8. shauntay ellis

    Hi, My name is shauntay. I have a question that i been thinking about for a long time now but just ain’t really bring it to my partner. Well to start it to off i have been in a realationship with my lover once a upon of time anthony not saying that i don’t love him because i still do. It’s just that he change upon me in the past year not it’s not the same he is always thinking i am cheating or it’s just be about how my appearance is when leaves the house. But at tyhe same same time you have to have in mind thsat he is much older than me i am26 years old and he is 16 years older than me. He is inthe navy but what i am trying to say is that its like he never shows me any attenton expect when he buys me something but like i trys to explan him that its not about your money or you is in the navy its all about how you treated me in the beginning so it’s going to be hard to walk away from you you made me feel wonderful like i ain’t felt before that’s why i have much love for you but what i dont likes aout im when he comes home from work he sits wit h me for a minute and eat sometimes and than after that he gets on his computer and wa tching porn till 5 pm until 2 in the morning after that its a wrap he dont pay me any attention after that but i just want to know that if he stay s on the computer like that does that mean that he is thinking about cheating so what do that mean? can you help me to understand

  9. Wendy Keaunui

    The DOES YOUR MATE REALY LOVE YOU? Has very good advise for any person in LOVE. The tips are encourging and makes one look at themselves before loving another.

  10. donna

    you actually said everthing i have been feeling and i thank you from the bottom of my heart it was so helpful, when the time arises i will show this to the other half, because i could have never said it better

  11. Kim Spelic

    I recieved this in my email today. God must be trying to tell me something! What do you think? Read the blog does your mate really Love you. Click on the more button.

  12. JacLyn

    Very nice article Yashira, thank you. I have been in an unbalanced relationship with a man for a year and a half now. I consistently take care of him, and am very good to him. He does very little for me and sometimes is very mean. But, I love him. I know I need to get out of this harmful relationship and find a man who treats me as I deserve to be treated, but somehow I just can’t break away. How can it be that I love a man who does not treat me well?

  13. cindy

    i really wish i knew if my boyfriend was true to me i know that theres been someone trying to take him from me so i dont know if he gave into her or not he says that im the only one but i have not heard from him in a week and a half i hope he is not with anyone and is being true to me do you see anything i should be worried about or should i trust him

  14. Marc from the UK

    A good article and makes sense, I feel to be truly happy in a relationship you need to be honest with yourself and be prepared to have to adjust and learn and accept positive feedback, but never tolerate crap!!!I have been hurt a few times, I know say to people you have every right to be your own person, but I also have the right to walk and preserve my happiness. Think about it, it does help.

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    “”” But understand that if they can’t love themselves, then they can’t love you properly. If you are guilty of being a masochistic person, then you need to take a break to find yourself. Find a way to love yourself first.””””

    The above is very true in most cases.

  16. shannon

    wow. this hit the nail on the head. i’m right at this point in my relationship where everyday i’m asking myself if this guy has genuine feelings for me, or is just looking at me as someone who’s convenient for him. we’ve been dating 4 or 5 months now, i’ve never seen his place, haven’t met anyone he know outside of work (we work together). when we’re together it’s great, but we live 30mins away from each other and i’m lucky if i see him once every other week. and i’m usually the one asking for time to see him (sometimes feels like i’m begging). just a very one-sided relationship. i like him a lot, but this is killing me.

  17. jus

    Can someone love you for four years without giving anything. I have been going out with this lovey man for four years now. He always say he love me but never brought anything. can that be true. How can you to tell a stingy person without offending then. Can they change?

    thanks jus


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