Are We Meant to be Together?

Only Time Will Tell

If you’re asking whether you’re meant to be with someone, then the relationship probably isn’t going as you thought it would. Maybe you keep breaking up and then making up. Or maybe your crush belongs to someone else and you’re wondering if he or she is meant to be with you instead. Even though each situation is unique, there are some qualities that are common to all lasting relationships. Read on to find out what they are!

Rapport and Fascination

Couples who are meant to be together have enough in common to maintain rapport and also enough different to maintain fascination with each other.

If you don’t have enough in common, you will always feel left out. If you’re constantly trying to fit into your partner’s life, rather than living your own life, then you probably aren’t meant to be together.

On the other hand, if you have too much in common, you could get bored or become competitive with each other.

Best Friends

Many happy couples report that their partner isn’t just their lover; he or she is also their best friend. If you’re meant to be together, you will develop a strong friendship in addition to your romantic relationship.

Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500 advises: “When you are in your golden years, and the libido is lagging, you had better LIKE that person and be able to talk to them as a friend also.”


If your relationship is lacking in respect, then there’s a chance that you are not meant to be together. If your lover criticizes you or hides you from his or her friends and family, then there’s no chance that you’re meant to be together. In healthy, long-lasting relationships, each person cherishes the other.


This might seem obvious, but if you’re both happy and you’ve been dating for a year or so, then it’s possible you’re meant to be together. If either of you often experiences anger, depression, anxiety, mistrust, or jealousy about your relationship, then you’re probably not meant to be together, no matter how long you’ve been hanging in there hoping things will change.

Psychic William ext. 5131 advises that you not ignore signs that a relationship has come to an end in the hope that it will somehow get better. “We are all intuitive beings—when we have acknowledged that we have come to an endpoint, it’s important to look for alternate paths.”

Being Together or Coming Together?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 reminds us that “Belonging together or not belonging together is very rarely just a black and white question or answer.” Sometimes it is meant for two people to come together, but not necessarily stay together. It’s possible that the couple just needs to learn a karmic lesson together and then move on. Or they just enjoy each other’s company for a while along their journey to other relationships later.

Eventually, time will reveal whether you are meant to be together or not and for how long. In the meantime, pay attention to the qualities mentioned above and honestly evaluate your personal situation. If you need help seeing things more clearly, call one of our psychics for guidance.

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  1. Marc from the UK

    Lol I love Gina rose comment! How very true she is! Relationships built on material things and ego soon lose there appeal when the chemistry was never long term, core values, hobbies and respect cut the long term ice!


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