7 Things Men Want in Bed

Hint: Enthusiasm

Ladies, what do you think your man wants most in the bedroom?

Oral sex?

Another woman?
Well… No.

The (gasp) butt thing?
Not quite.

Men may have a lot of requests when it comes to your relationship and sex play. However, what ties these together is not one particular act. In fact, you could give your man everything in the bedroom he has ever dreamed of, but if you’re not into it, it won’t be the same. I am talking about enthusiasm, and in today’s busy world, this can be a lot to ask from a woman, but I am here to offer a couple of tips on how to boost it without dipping too far into your reserve tank.

Where’d Your Energy Go?

The first thing that is important to get out of the way is to say that sometimes a woman’s enthusiasm is zapped by no fault of her own. I think I make this abundantly clear in the article The Real Reasons Women Don’t Like Sex. We can skip past this assortment of mojo crushers, and just say that you probably have a good reason for your lack of enthusiasm. However, I am not here to point any fingers; this is a two-way street after all. With that said, let’s move on to the seven tips.

Tip #1: Give Him a Hand

Yes, he is a big boy, and can probably manage his little man on his own. However, some sit and watch a man struggle, like he is about to perform a magic trick. Yes, even the best of magicians needs an assistant, so if his wand has lost its luster… give him a hand!

Tip #2: Don’t Play the Blame Game

Nobody likes to be told their sex is lukewarm, and a lot of partners will respond by blaming someone or something else. This isn’t about whose fault it is, but who’s willing to take the initiative to put the “Bing” back in the Bada.

Tip #3: Surrender; Then Put Up a Fight

Mix it up. Guys like it when a woman surrenders to his passion, and then makes him work for it!

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Soundtrack

The sound of a woman’s voice is the sweetest sound during sex. Think of it as his reward for a job well done. If you do it right, you can actually use this to guide your guy to do the things that you like as he will remember which positions/techniques produced the most beautiful music, and play those tunes more often.

“Sex keeps the present moment occupied, love is just glad you met.” – Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179

Tip #5: Eye Contact

The best orgasms sometimes occur while in your own fantasy/romance land, with your eyes closed, toes curled, and mind off somewhere in the 50 Shades of Grey gutter. However, give your guy a little goose, by remembering to give him some eye contact. Men read much of your pleasure through your facial expressions, and the eyes truly are one of your most expressive means of body language.

Tip #6: Ride ’em Cowgirl

Men enjoy taking charge in the bedroom, but they also enjoy when their partner takes the reins and tells him to giddy up!

Tip #7: Set the Atmosphere

This tip is mostly for the guys as it is usually an afterthought when setting the stage to get busy. The typical guy list goes something like: Soft lighting… check! Sexy music… check! Lubrication… check! Clean room? Oops, you probably forgot about this one. It is hard for a woman to be enthused about sex with your underwear stuck to the wall, your socks on the bed, and that mornings breakfast bowl still sitting on the night stand. Women can relax and enjoy sex much more when there are no reminders of the things that need to be done once your finished.

“Sex is physical, love is spiritual. You can have sex without love and love without sex, but it’s most rewarding when both exist simultaneously.” – Psychic Rivers ext. 5273

19 thoughts on “7 Things Men Want in Bed

  1. chocolate sweetpea

    Love and sex……..I love my horse and I do everything to save him.
    But that cowboy I ride him hard. Thats what he wants and he surely don’t even complain.

  2. Sue Ellis

    Good article, spoilt by poor spelling in last sentence:
    “…things that need to be done once your finished.”
    “…things that need to be done once you are (or you’re) finished.”

    “your” is a possessive pronoun as in “I like your dress”.

  3. Randy

    Every body claped at yestrdays because I like to read the commments on the colemn. This was such a great topic. Sneak off if you have to read or write you opinion. Guys need to know it wasn’t for the money for goodness sake. You know I will be 55 next month and I had 2 great loves in my life. You read it rite 2. My first love not my first girlfriend was hot rods and I loved them with such inthusiasm it was all I could think about until, I got the girls to ride oh man!!!! What a knock out. I kept the most up to date rod you could get. My first new Camaro I customized myself. My dad one day asked me ” son I just don’t get it you buy a new car sharp he added and said you bring it home get the masking paper out with the tape and start to paint. On with my my second love very important. I m met her on good Friday night. In my first new Camaro. I thought nothing could seperate me from that 77 Camaro. I had put all the 74 stripes on this and Z28 stuff money had to offer nothing sparred. Oh yes the car of my dreams. When we met I was 2yrs older, looked younger. 4 mths later I traded down to be able to afford a home that would have someday been ours. Then we made up and broke up the next 2yrs. She had forgotten to tell me and us spending all our spair time we had with each other. That she smoked pot. I would,ve waited for 10 yrs for her but then she wanted to party and rome so I got started back on my cars and the girls added smoking and when not with the girls 2 fifth off wiskey a day. When we did finally break up, I told her don’t even look back and this was heart breaking, but had to be done or wait till she told me she was ingaged or something. I married 18 mths latter. Dum I know but Ifelt like it was the only way to be free. 1 child 3yrs old which is now 28 with her on little buddle I wish I could have. 10 yrs. latter I was off on my own again. Well after 8 yrs. I found this young lady I thought was just like me. I couldn’t wait to Marry ended over ayr. ago now. you know I miss my dogs real bad. I am now disabled and this is no joy ride. There will be no other, I have dementia. Sounds plum romantic doesn’t it. I will not buy a vehicle and house for someone else again Besides the out come of this doesn’t look bright. Losing what marbles you got, going through a vegetive state just ain’t to apelling.

  4. naima

    This is bs all men are different I find that the trashy women men lust after the most the only thing I agree with is the eye contact the eyes are the window of the soul and that’s only if the guy is really in love with u best advice I can give to all women is play hard to get around the. Clock and be ready for the chase being to nice and submissive will get you no where

  5. dorothy

    This was the best and most sensible information that I’ve received as of yet, It kind of makes me feel that this thing called love is not as scary as I have been thinking ,He has just as much to worry and think about as we woman do.

  6. Philip

    Thank you for the tips. I think I mess alot in the past. But what will make a woman happy and never forget the moment. Thanks! TTYS.


  7. Aida Bon

    Hi Eric, I am so glad you mentioned the “50 Shades of Grey” GUTTER! How sad that millions of women got trapped in that cesspit and think that with a whip and handcuffs they will save their relationship. It’s a new form of domestic violence. Fun is necessary in the bedroom but violent submission???????????? I scipped those pages, but I am sorry I helped raise the sales. E L James is on the first, second and third place of the top 10 for months…………….
    Greetings from Holland. Aida


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