5 Things Men Want in a Relationship

5 things men want

Know What Men Want From You!

The experts have been asking men what they want in their love relationships for decades, and for the most part they keep telling women the same things: sex, honesty, forgiveness, appreciation, commitment and long-term happiness. These are all fine and good, but men don’t always know how to communicate these needs or how to go about getting them met. So if you’re having a communication issue with your partner, and you’re not sure what he wants exactly, we’re here to tell you. Here are the five things he wants from you in your relationship and why he wants them. They are a lot less selfish than you may have expected and we hope this clears a few things up!


When men think of women, they often have sex on the brain. So, if you asked any man what he wanted most from his relationship, there’s a good chance he might say “sex.” However, that is only half of the story. Besides the great physical sensation of sex, men also feel a very powerful connection to their partners during sex. A lot of it has to do with brain chemistry, but another part involves sex as a method for him to understand the intimate nature of your relationship. It’s important for women to understand that when a man reaches out to them for sex, he wants more than physical pleasure. He also wants to feel closer to her.


When the research came out that many men also like to snuggle, hug and hold hands, the world was shocked. This is because the stereotypes of male promiscuity are so prominent. When sex is out of the question, men still prefer some form of intimacy over nothing at all. So give your guy some snuggle time and a sex rain check so he doesn’t feel rejected. The happiest men in the world are not only sexed regularly, but snuggled even more.


Men say that they don’t like women who keep tabs on them, and they don’t want to be nagged about the things that their partners think they ought to be doing. On the other hand, it’s women who help guide men towards achieving better behavior, health and habits. Men want to feel like the choices they make are their own, and this is an important part of being a man. However, they also learn from example. So if you want a man to be more considerate, learn to express his feelings better, or take better care of himself, show him how it’s done, and then let him make the decision to make the change for himself.

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The problem with men and forgiveness is that men rarely say they are sorry. That’s because they either don’t think they did anything wrong or because they aren’t aware that their partner is angry. And when men don’t apologize, women may hold grudges. And when women hold grudges, they often don’t tell men why they are angry at them. They want their men to figure it out for themselves by going back over everything and discovering where they went wrong. Ladies, it’s okay to let some of his mistakes and bad habits go with forgiveness. Sure, it’s frustrating, but you can’t change all of his bad habits. What you can do is influence better habits in the future.

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A Happy Partner

Men really do want to make their women happy, even though we may fall short on accomplishing that occasionally. A man’s life is a lot more sexual, forgiving, honest and fun when his woman is happy. So, the next time you feel like your guy is no longer there for you, consider some of the things that he is doing that may actually be partially for you. A man’s success in his career is not nearly as satisfying, unless his partner is proud of him. A man fixes things around the house not to get away from you, but to be a good provider and protector. Ultimately, every man wants to achieve long-term happiness, and he understands that ultimately means happiness for the both of you.

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  1. LJ

    Who knows better what a man wants than another man? Your info is going to be very useful to a lot of ladies, and I enjoyed this article, as I enjoy all of your articles. Thanks EL.

  2. Bella

    Thank you ms Gina Rose , lol that’s what most of ALL of the females ask of lol .. “” what do is girls want in a relationship “” & amen 2 that 1 to lol I sure hope so Maybe you can do 1 for ALL of us ladies .. JK ha-ha BCZ I know your super busy however nudgingThank you I hope your point is taking 2 .. 😉

  3. Marc from the UK

    Well at last a great article about what Men want from Women! Well written and informative, I agree wholeheartedly with the Author. I honestly believe the world is a rapidly changing place, and role models or expectant roles of either gender has transformed to the point of confusion. An article like this reminds us that we are ultimately Male OR female!

    Happy new year to California Psychics ! :]

  4. Gina Rose xt.9500

    Interesting article written by : Eric J .Leech ( see above left side of article where date & time is located ) .

    But Eric, when will you write an article about what we ladies want ?

    Happy New Year, Eric.


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