Fun Facts by Zodiac Sign

The Magic of Your Spirit

There is real fun and magic in the origins and special gifts of each sign. Here is a chance to learn more about what it means to have planets in a particular zodiac sign.


The Great Ram was rising on the first day of spring when our modern Western (Tropical) zodiac was invented. This was at the time of the New Kingdom in Egypt when the Egyptian pharaohs built the magnificent temples at Luxor and Karnak with a seemingly endless walkway between them with Aries rams lining both sides. This amazing causeway is being rebuilt in Luxor, a place you can travel to and demand that other signs honor you!


Paintings on the ceilings and walls of the 17,000 year old cave at Lascaux show the constellation Taurus in the form that we still see it today. So how old is your sign? Older than our historical records! With Venus as your gorgeous ruler and the mystical “thread of life” Pleiades in the shoulder of your Great Bull, you rule “sexy” as much as your famous Scorpio counterparts.


Have you ever wondered why you are so tuned in and your words “sing?” Your twin rulers, brothers Castor and Pollux were heroes of the mythic Greek Argonaut, where “St. Elmo’s Fire,” an electrical light show, formed around the ship’s masts in a storm, formed stars about each of the twins’ heads. This fiery light still affects ships today, and it actually “sings” over ships’ radios.


Your amazing sign of motherhood is the area of the sky where more stars are being “born” than any other location. Your ruler the Moon was “drawn down” by the magic practitioners on the full moon closest to the Summer Solstice (at the beginning of your sign on June 21). According to astrologer Bernadette Brady, this full Moon appears to “ride across the altar” at the ancient stone circle of Callenish where you can practice your intuitive “witchy ways.”

“The more you remember your connection to all that surrounds you in a natural way, the more you have what I like to call ‘magic’ at your fingertips.” – Psychic Lalita ext. 5408


The astonishing Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Giza is a worthy honor to your very grand Sign. Regulus, the star that is the “heart of the lion” is as regal as its name. The Great Lion can be both male and female and was a totem of the great goddess and embodied in the Egyptian protector goddess, Sekhmet.


Your beautiful constellation is the Great Goddess who brings the harvest – food to humanity – and a precious gift to the world. In Christian astrology, she represents Mother Mary and her beautiful blue star Spica represents the Christ Child. “So there!” to all those other signs who just label you a detail-oriented worker bee – you bear a gift!


Your sign of the scales was once the claws of the great Scorpion in the sky. The scales are the place of a rite of passage. This is the area of great tests where the beautiful dove (a symbol of your ruler, Venus) brought the Argo safely through the crashing rocks that had smashed all other ships. Your love can guide others across this threshold, and someone lucky will realize this.


The Great Scorpion constellation has the magical sting and healing ability of the Scorpion. While the Scorpion’s sting can be deadly, it also offers life-giving medicine. The “bad rap” that the Mother Scorpion got of “eating her young” is misguided. She often gives birth to over 100 babies and only eats some if the others might starve.

“Healing your heart and emotions is a necessary path, so you can move forward with joy in your heart.” – Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625


The Great Archer with his perfect vision and aim of his bow and arrow always reaches higher. Sagittarians born the first week of December have their Suns in the vicinity of the actual “Heart of the Scorpion,” the bright red Antares. Thus, the passion of this star brings much of your fieriness.


Your constellation was the ancient Ea, the wise one who granted requests. The Sea Goat represents human evolution from sea to land. Those born at the beginning of Capricorn will likely have Facies, the unwavering eye of the Archer with their Sun giving a resolute focus on any goal making you nearly unstoppable.


Aquarius was once known as “The Great One.” You might demand your original title of others and see if they go for it. Aquarius was the sky god who poured the waters of life from his urn to feed the mystical Royal Star Fomalhaut in the Southern Fish. Stars of Aquarius offer abundance, luck and great timing.


The Fishes of Pisces were once the pretty Swallows to the ancient Mesopotamians and probably the ancient Minoans as well. This sign of Christianity and sacrifice was also the sign of an ancient form of Venus as a sea goddess, the original reason for eating fish on Friday, her sacred day. Venus loves being in your sign and makes you a gifted artist in some form.

So now you know – there is so much more to your sign than the usual “buzz phrases” however valid they may be. The stories of these signs reflect the magic of your spirit and the fun of sharing your own greatness while recognizing the magic of others.

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  1. judy

    born feb 18th 1952 at 5:30 am in Canada some say I’m on the cusp don’t no if I should read both Aquarius & Pieces most of the time I find neither suite me what do you think ?

  2. Stephanie Steinhardt

    Would Love to learn so much more about myself and my journey.
    Born December 13 1949 7:15 PM Alhambra CA

  3. Elizabeth Worden

    I’m a Taurus whoop whoop!!! Can’t wait for my future life. :D! I wonder if other Taurus are as aggressive as me… doubt it!

  4. LJ Innes

    I’m a Scottish Cancerian and Callenish has always been a goal trip of mine – coincidence? I think not. LOL – Great article.

  5. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Brenda: Born on the 19th of December, you Sun shares both the bow of the Archer and the healing and teaching qualities of Ophiuchus. You are a a catalyst for knowlege and health in others.

    Garnet: I’m so glad you enjoy your horoscope. Several talented astrologers work at California Psychics to give you a number of perspectives on the events of your life.

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    how does the constellation LEO affect my CANCER personalaity? My birthday iis early in the morning of July 21st


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