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Psychic Quality

Only 2 out of 100 Applicants Meet Our Standards

Our team of psychic managers carefully screens all of our psychics before they are hired. They continue to monitor all psychics during the time they are with California Psychics. This process helps to verify that each psychic has an authentic gift and a positive, caring approach to your future. Our evaluation team rigorously tests each applicant for acute psychic ability, dedication to ethical standards and customer care skills. If the applicant receives an excellent assessment, the information is then forwarded to the Psychic Management team for review.

At this time, Psychic Manager conducts an interview to establish that the psychic not only has real gifts, but is professional, compassionate, and communicates clearly. Because we are very selective in this process only 2 out of each 100 applicants make it past this stage.* During a psychic's first 90 days, their performance is closely monitored to further ensure that they are upholding the high standards of California Psychics. Customer Service representatives get readings from all newly hired psychics so the company can get immediate in-house feedback. This quality-control process continues throughout a psychic's time with California Psychics.

As an additional quality check, each new customer is contacted by a California Psychics representative to make sure their first reading was a positive experience. And finally, customers leave feedback for our Psychics every day that we share with you online in the Psychic Testimonial section of our website.

We have done everything we can to ensure that your experience will be accurate, friendly and uplifting! However, if you are not satisfied with a reading please contact our friendly Customer Service team, and they will gladly assist you.

* Psychic applicant statistics based on data gathered from 7/1/10 to 12/31/10.