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A few years ago, I found myself out of a job. I hit the virtual pavement and sent out hundreds of resumes. The thought never occurred to me to call a psychic to help sort through the chaos of interviewing and sorting through job descriptions. I’ve used a psychic for clarity on my love life and a few other things, but it wasn’t until I heard Zofeya ext. 5351 explain what happened with a particular caller that I realized it made sense to talk with a psychic about job related questions.

Zofeya recalls one instance: “I really enjoy getting calls about career and finance. In fact, I’ve had a caller recently who wanted to know if they were going to get an interview with a specific company that they sent a resume to.” Not only did Zofeya see the caller getting the interview, but she saw the caller getting hired!

With that kind of information on your side, imagine how confident you will feel going into an interview. If you know you’re already getting the job, you can relax and be yourself in the interview and allow them to see the real you.

Psychics like Zofeya can help you find hope when they are walking you through who will be in the interview. Imagine getting to know who will be in the interview before you showed up? I know I would be better informed and brainstorm how to best communicate with each person.

So it’s not all about love with psychics (although, they are very good at that as well). I’ve found that a psychic can see the bigger picture and the paths of possibilities. Armed with psychic insights, I make better decisions and feel empowered with my next steps.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Find a Job with Psychic Help

  1. jazminael

    I need your help in finding a job very desperately and my financial and love life in in turmoil. i have had the years in my life since february 2006 up until today. i am reaching out to you urgently

  2. anna case

    could u let me know when i will be hired for a decent job, with a decent living wage of at least $10-$12 per hr? i have been searching since about june now and i really need to get to work, i have had only one interview with no call backs since then. i keep calling the one that really pays well, in hopes that they will call me back and give me a job! i have worked there before, but under a different management,/ payroll. i am familiar with the place and would like to be hired in under their management. i pray they will call me soon!!! i do not care if it is before christmas.
    as of right now. ,. we will not have much christmas, because i do not have a job@!!!! it really upsets me and that i cannot help pay some of the house hold expenses!!! please give me some insight into this delima!! thank you so much,,, anna

  3. Kathy

    I, too, typically ask psychics about my love-life, and frankly, it’s been getting boring, like, don’t I have OTHER concerns in life? Having someone has been of great importance, more so than a job, but lately, I’ve been told I will meet “him” through my work. …I didn’t have a job at that time. Imagine how I felt!
    A reading I had recently included reference to my birth chart. She told me that, with Gemini rising, to quit fighting with the active, changeable aspect, (I’m not ADD, I’m part Gemini) and go with the flow, to DO all those things I love, and not allow myself to be boxed into one job.
    I am now very excited, not just about looking at the varying possibilities of several smaller/part time or seasonal jobs, and not having just one job that may bore me after a time, but also simply about who I am. I’ll be seeking psychic advice again soon!

  4. monica

    i have no job and i have three kids the job i would like to do is working online from home and cannot seem to find one with out have to give money can u help me please

  5. ranny

    I live in tanzania calling from here is quite hard can i get an email i really need ur advise and help i have financial problems ,marriage problems,nannies down here are very stressfull getting them is problem please nees ur help guys


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