Psychic Saphira: Helping the Other Side Ascend

Saphira ext. 5243 is a strong empath who has been blessed with the gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairolfaction. Within seconds of listening to a caller’s voice, Saphira, is able to tune into their spiritual vibration and help clarify decisions to be made in the areas of relationships, love, and finance. She is able to see and feel events of the past, present, and future. She often depends upon her trusted Egyptian spirit guide to help her connect to the other side so she can communicate important messages for those that are earth bound. Saphira ext. 5243 believes we create our own destiny and wants to help her clients realize the power of our thoughts. She uses no tools.

Saphira ext. 5243 has a strong background in the paranormal and assisting the spirits of those who have passed on, as well. We sat down with her to explore her path and her approach to the paranormal.

How did her exploration of the paranormal begin?

“I began by living in houses that were very active, and soon got past the point of being scared, just watching. After realizing that these spirits wouldn’t hurt me, I began to see how I could telepathically ask them questions about why they were still here, which helped me to be able to send them to the light. For some of them, it was OK that they were hanging out. Some were really confused and hadn’t crossed, and they wanted to cross, but they were in a time warp, basically stuck. And in our family, we have a pretty big extended family, but we’ll take our kids and go to sites that are historic or graveyards, spend the night and very carefully watch. Because it’s very important not to tell kids they don’t see things. Growing up, I was always told, you don’t really see that, you’ve just got a vivid imagination. It’s important not to limit kids with your belief system.

“I feel very connected to the other side. We do go on, and we do matter. A lot of times, I feel like even when you cross over, you want to feel your life meant something. Some people are so lost as souls that they haven’t made it to the other side. It’s why we seem to be in empty houses. In our house we can sit and watch spirits walk into the room and sit down. We’ll describe it and validate what we see with our kids. Sometimes we know them, they’re passed on relatives, sometimes animals, sometimes random people, but because I feel that as a group we’re open to see them, they’re really happy to be seen. Sometimes they wander around for a long time and nobody sees them, and it’s validating to them to be seen.”

What is the Other Side like?

“I see that it is a very intensely loving, enormous in love. There’s a lot of healing. When I’ve seen it, the colors were amazingly brilliant. Everyone that you come in contact with would be in extreme love. There isn’t the judgement or harsh realities of what we have here. Things are way more intense. Things you see in the movies, fairies, etc. All that stuff is there.

“On the other side, there’s family members you may have had a hard time with in this lifetime, but things like that don’t seem to matter. There’s peace, and lots of healing. I know that some of the spirits I’ve helped to ascend or cross over, I was able to send for their parents or loved ones. I had one woman who had died and she was really confused, she had small pox; when she had died she had seen her body and she was confused that she was dead. She didn’t feel she was dead. She didn’t move on but was able to call her husband to come meet her and make the transition.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m almost like a portal. And I don’t mind being that if it means I can help somebody. I’m kind of one step on the other side all the time.”

What can Saphira ext. 5243 see for you?

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