Psychic Glenna: Your Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones

Know Your Guides

You can’t see them, but they’re there. They’re the invisible helpers standing right next to you. They’re cheering for you when you’re reaching your goals. They’re hugging  and supporting you when you’re sad. Who are they? Why are they there? And is there any way to know when they are around?

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I’m talking about an array of beings on the other side, connected to you with bonds of love and emotion that are strong, caring and supportive. Angels. Spirit guides. Deceased loved ones. We call them by a lot of names. They’re all there.

Your Angels

I see angels around people who are going through a particularly rough physical or emotional time. During readings, if I see an angel around my client I know they have gone through a devastation or are even suicidal. Often the client has lost a child or a loved one recently. The angels are there to hold you when you feel like falling and giving up. You may not see or feel them, but they are there. They are the most powerful beings I see around people and they radiate pure love. It’s beautiful.

Your Guides

Your spirit guides are always with you. They are there guiding, nudging and supporting you in life. While not as powerful as angels, your guides never leave your side.

Your guides are broadcasting wisdom, support, insights and directions to help you navigate the maze of your life. If you can get to the point where you can communicate with them, you will be able to receive their wisdom all the time.

When you are going through a rough time, your guides kick into high gear to try to bring solace, comfort and change to your life. So where an angel is holding your energy to keep you from falling off the ledge, the guides are out there trying to find you the softest place to land.

Your Deceased Loved Ones

Now what about your deceased loved ones who have crossed over? The people who loved you in life often stick around and hover a bit, especially when you’re going through a tough time. Not all spirits do this, but some do stay connected to those they’ve left behind, offering a supportive thought, a virtual hug and sometimes warnings and advice.

My Firsthand Experience

I had an interesting experience with this recently. I received some bad news and was feeling very sad. That night my deceased friend, Pam, who died in 2011, came to me in a dream. I’ve only seen her in my dreams maybe half a dozen times since she died, but there she was. In the dream we talked about the news I’d received, but then she showed me every time over the past year that she had been by my side. It was awesome. It was one scene after another where she showed me how she was holding me, comforting me and trying to tell me everything would be okay. Although I have felt her energy around me many times in the past year, I’m not sure I noticed each and every time she came to me with supportive energy.

Open Your Senses

The next time you’re going through an emotional crisis or suffering physically, open your senses and try to detect the energies offering you comfort. They are right there, standing next to you, arms open, ready to catch you, hold you and comfort you. You’re never truly alone. Even when you can’t see them, there are helpers nearby offering you support.

Let their love comfort you when you need it. Let it fill you with hope. Let it guide you to a more positive outcome. Thank these helpers for being with you, and feel their energy. Send them gratitude and their energy will expand. Work together when you can, and let them completely support you when you’ve got nothing left. You’re in good hands.

26 thoughts on “Psychic Glenna: Your Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones

  1. Tracey

    I totally believe in Spirit Guides. I guess I always did. My Aunt and mother taught me how to douse with a pendlum. I asked ermission to speak to my guides, and the system allows me, but I get bad connections sometimes from the bad force, and I asked my guides to remove the evil ententaties , to send them to the light with love. Every time I doûse, I get interupted and it really drains me. Now I no longer do this anymore. My dad passed in 1996. He’s my reason to douse. I don’t understand why the bad force do what they do? it really drains my sole.

  2. Margie

    I believe in angels and spirit guides, but I would like to know how to connect with my guide. I have been alone in my home when I’ve felt a tap on the lower right side of my waist. Again when I was out and felt that same tap when my daughter and I were watching a demonstration of a coffee product. I turned immediately and there was nobody behind me. My daughter said it wasn’t her. Can you tell me what this might be. Thank you.

  3. julie lucier

    thank you for this blessing ive been sick and very depressed ,i also feel my aunt trudy around me with my uncle jack sometimes but mostly my aunt ever since st patricks day her fav holiday i think .i have always had blessed mary and god or jesus this ive known since ive been about 8 im now 53,god saved me from a suicide i know he is really always with me thank you and bless you .this really made me know it is my aunt with me ,bless you for the information .please tell me if i need to worry ,will i die soon i dont know i almost feel this ,say a prayer for me please thank you julie lucier

  4. Eric Christian

    How very true it is. I received a message from my guardian angel about 1 year before I met my wife. It was through a person at a party I was at, waiting to get myself something to drink. She was doing palm readings and once the room was empty, I stepped forward. She asked if I wanted my palm read, and I said sure. Well, the palm reading lasted about 15 seconds when my guardian angel ‘Michael’ had a message or Revelation of warning. I remember this because she asked me if I knew anyone named Michael, and I said ‘only my Great, great, grandfather. But this was something much more stronger than a message from a relative I never met. Everything this lady (medium) told me happened in exact chronological order, and that it would be a part of prophecy. Also, that it would be the hardest time of my life, and it would be 5 1/2 years of Tribulation. I can only say this: what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger in wisdom. Angels are ‘Very Real’, and unless we surrender to God, Christ, and the voices of our Guardian Angels, life is a game of Black Jack against the Evil voices trying to win our souls. If I only knew Steven Spielberg, I could write a movie about my last 5 years of Revelation and Tribulation. I know this much, Psychics are Soldiers placed on earth for a very good reason. Maybe it’s a Gift, called Love.

  5. Marilyn (Marlee)

    I too am a bit physic….I dream of a family member passing on and they do, some within 3 days, one within 9 months…..a voice tells me that the person has died…and then they do….

  6. tommy buck

    my wife has pass away 10 years, i miss her alote all the time. my health is real bad now hope i will see her soon and Ihope you are right

  7. Audrey

    Today would have been my 35 wedding anniversary. My husband passed away 5 years ago this Jun. I have felt him so close to me more so in these recent days than ever. Thankyou for validating that

  8. mandi

    Thankyou….somehow you always seem to send the right emails at the precise times…….i recently had some lovely news but it left me so upset, as i cannot be with my son due to family conflict and felt my Daughters deceased Father around (her birthday is tommorrow!!) we had a chat and i know things will turn out for the best in their own good time,,,,,,,,its just something we all can be very open to!

  9. Patricia

    Michele, you can have God AND your angels. Your angels are sent from God. Whether or not you “open that door” Satan will always be there. It is up to you to ask God to remove Satan.

    As a young child I was afraid of my angels because I also felt they were brought by Satan. Then one night I recognized one standing at the foot of my bed. It was an old family friend and it was the same evening my brother, cousin and I got caught in a rip tide. Now I believe he was sent there by God to help us get out of it.
    There are numerous times my angels have been with me. Two recent ones have had huge impacts. The first was 2004, a little less than 2 years after my husband passed over. My oldest son was in a bad wreck. He walked away without a car but only a busted lip. When I arrived at the scene all I could feel was my husband, grandmothers and another close family friend there and I saw them pushing the car back as it crashed Into the stone wall. Someone–probably an angel–gave him the presence of mind to stop trying to get out of the spin and put his arms in the air so the air bag wouldn’t break his arm.
    The other time was a night when things were so terrible that I just laid my head face down in a pillow and sobbed my eyes out. As I cried, I felt my husband come and drape himself over me and hold me while I cried.

    Trust that God will send you help when you need it and that very well may be in the form of an angel.

  10. maria

    Thank You for guide me,I need support with my health problem,get job,insurance.I believe in god. Maybe move will be on horizon,will change my life?

  11. Sam

    Thank you for the insight it’s conforting to know someone is looking over me since they were the only ones I could remember that cared, I’m alone now and have no one and just knowing this help some, thank you!

  12. sinderpal

    my doughter inlaw left us one month ago my family is real upset because I except her as a dougher so I don’t know what sgould we do

  13. Dianne Derksen

    I had a deceased loved one that came to visit me shortly after his accident, when I was not coping. It was an amazing encounter. I was asleep on the sofa. I was dreaming that I was dreaming. I realize that’s hard to comprehend. Let me explain; In my dream I was watching myelf sleep fom above, I was hovering over my body, while I slept. I saw my loved one (Greg), covered with a bright light drift down. He kissed me on my forhead and said “Annie” (he always called me Annie) “Everything is going to be ok” This happened many times through the course of the first year after he left this world. A year later I had the same dream again, with a slight difference, he did not say “Everything will be OK, he kissed me on the forehead and said nothing and I had a very positive feeling he was not coming back. When I actually awoke to our world, I knew I would never see him again in my dreams and I knew I was going to be ok. I believe he was saying good-bye and I was going to be ok.

  14. Michele

    Interesting, and maybe comforting to some. But what if these so called angels, guides and spirits of loved ones are Satan. I don’t want to open that door. God can provide comfort and guidance.

  15. michele

    I have the feeling now and again. I ask for signs and sometimes they are there. A firefly at night. A hawk during the day. A flower in bloom. Am I nuts or just in tune?

  16. Debbie

    Thank you I needed to hear this reading. Life has been really hard over this last year my relationship, financially, emotionally Thank foe reminding me I am surrounded by my ANGELS

  17. magdalenakawachi

    For years I have feel my loved ones beside me, @and yes, they support me any time that is necesary…..

  18. Judith

    I am going through a very rough time right now. I am having treatments for colon cancer. I would like a sign form the spiritual world, that the decision that I make is the right one. I know God is with me in my decision, just need some spiritual reassurance??

  19. Nilesh

    I feel unsecure regarding my future in my carrier and my health. Please guide, I believe in god, my birth date is 28/08/1974.

    Thanks & Regards

  20. rodasampinit

    thank you so much for guide me always about my problem i hope it will come true , to help me everyday and support me and help me in my love life and my family …


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