Help! My Diamonds are Missing

When callers are clearly upset about their situation, especially in difficult circumstances where an irreplaceable object has been lost and timing may be crucial, it’s rewarding for a psychic to bond quickly and get answers fast, Jonathan ext. 9601 tells. “In this instance, I was able to make an immediate connection to the energy in my client’s voice and began looking for her family heirloom like a hound dog tracking …” the straightforward reader describes humorously.

“My diamond earrings have disappeared. You’ve got to find them,” Faith (not her real name) announced on her first call to the Clairvoyant and Clairsentient. “I had them on just the other night … They were handed down to me from my great-grandmother!

“You’re talking about diamonds… why do I see blue?” Jonathan asked.

“Blue? Oh, they have a large topaz on them, too. They’re dangly 18-carat gold… you know, turn-of-the-last-century — very, very old.”

“Let’s replay that night, when you got home,” Jonathan suggested.

“I just tried that. I don’t remember much. That’s why I called.”

“Well!” Jonathan laughed getting a giggle from Faith in the process. “Maybe we should start looking in the car. Do you think you had them on when you left the party?”

“Yes. Yes, I always check.”

“I’m seeing one earring on the floor between the driver’s seat and the console.” Jonathan quickly noted, as he scanned her car psychically.

“Oh, that happened last week. One fell down there while I was driving.”

“Good start, huh? Jonathan laughed.

“I know they’re in the house. I think they’re in the kitchen.” Faith suggested confidently.

“I’m seeing the bedroom,” Jonathan disagreed, describing the gray carpet, the white bedspread and the Chinese box on the mirrored nightstand where she kept the earrings.

“No, if they were in the bedroom I would have found them in their box where I always, always put them,” Faith insisted. “Please look in the kitchen. I told my sister she could borrow them. I had this funny feeling after she called… She’ll tell everyone I lost them.”

Jonathan was still sure they were in the bedroom, but he mentally went through his caller’s kitchen and followed Faith around the house as she raced from room to room hoping to uncover them.

“I’m really trying to get you into the bedroom,” Jonathan laughed. “Move your nightstand and look between the nightstand and the bed … “

“I’ll look but …” Faith trailed off as she searched half-heartedly.

“Here’s what I think happened,” Jonathan continued. “You took them off, put them on the nightstand, feel asleep, and the blankets knocked them between the nightstand and the bed — in that awful little spot between the mattress and the frame.

“You know, you’re a really lousy psychic!” Faith huffed, as pushed the off button on her phone.

“Oh well, whatever…” Jonathan thought, hoping that Faith would at least entertain the idea of looking where he suggested.

“I am so sorry. I hung up on you a couple of weeks ago. I had to call and tell you how right you were,” Faith filled in, relieved and excited at the discovery. “My brother came over to move my bed … The earrings were exactly where you said they were, between the mattress and the bed.”

“So, you didn’t look on your own,” Jonathan stated, also seeing that Faith was holding the heirloom diamonds in her hand right up to the phone. He knew the earrings had traveled the world extensively and had a colorful history.

“They have. My family has always been big on adventure. You’re not a lousy reader,” Faith added apologetically.

Jonathan laughed and said, “I know. I’m glad I could help.”

And with that, Faith became one of Jonathan’s regular callers.

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