How a Psychic Helped a Caller Handle Toxic Coworkers

How a Psychic Helped a Caller Handle Toxic Coworkers

The Smart Way to Handle Toxic Coworkers

Do you have work stress or toxic coworkers? If you do, you’re not alone. It seems to be a rare occasion these days to find someone who is not stressed out by their job. And sometimes, the stress people experience at work pours into other parts of their lives, including their finances, family, love life and even their own way of thinking. Stress can also wreak havoc on self-esteem and when it comes to work, stress can make your second guess your abilities.

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Professional Stress

As a psychic, I really enjoy helping my clients learn how to manage the stress in their professional lives. I help them develop the courage they need to leave stressful work environments. Recently, I helped one of my callers through what was one of the most difficult and stressful situations of her career. She was dealing with toxic coworkers!

Sabotaging Coworkers

Her place of employment had truly become toxic. Through our readings it was clear that coworkers were actually sabotaging this employee. It was a real shame because she was so skilled at her job and had been working there for many years. In fact, this professional had received many accolades and was well-respected. Despite her skilled reputation, her toxic coworkers would spread rumors that she had no skills at all.

Managing Her Health

By the time this high achiever had called me, she had been living with daily stress for over two years. She was so stressed out that she couldn’t even manage her health. She was waking up every morning with anxiety and dread. She was unable to turn off the negative thoughts and actions of others. Because of the stress caused by her toxic coworkers, she was unable to connect with herself enough to regain her own power and make the right choices for her happiness.

Changing Her Focus

With each call we worked hard to take the focus off her toxic coworkers (It was clear that they would not be changing anytime soon.), and instead worked on developing her own reaction to the situation. I reminded her that she had no control over others thought and actions, but she did have control over how she reacted to them. It should be noted that she had tried all chains of professional intervention, which squelched some of their actions, but their swords dug deep, and my client was truly suffering in a traumatized way.

Changing Her Thoughts

She began replacing thoughts of “Why is this happening to me?” and “How could people be so cruel?” with “I am finding my perfect unity with the best coworkers for my happy job” and “I am powerful and it is safe, and I am trusted.” A curious thing happened as she began to focus on what her heart desired (in this case, a happy work environment) and not on what had been done to her by her toxic coworkers.

The Decision to Move Forward

One day, one of her toxic coworkers tried to attack her again. But luckily, her power center (third chakra) was activated towards her happiness and instead of feeling like a victim, she made the decision to move forward. And guess what happened? A new company recruited her! Her new work environment is amazing and it came with an increase in salary! Now, her issues with her old toxic coworkers seems like a bad dream. Her new coworkers are becoming true comrades and friends.

When you learn to transform your workplace karma and leave the stress behind, you open yourself up to good things. My caller was open to change and it resulted in a better job, with better pay, and the drama will not follow her. I grew up around Japanese Buddhist ladies and they offered this advice: “In all conflict, someone has to change. If you change, you get the benefit.” Change sometimes means getting the courage to move on and not wait for others to be different.

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8 thoughts on “How a Psychic Helped a Caller Handle Toxic Coworkers

  1. Rika x5376

    I am so happy that you enjoyed this article. It was truly a wonderful breakthrough and a real moment of success!

  2. tina

    yes all of the is true…but…people need to be held accountable for what they say and do to bring someone completely down so they can benefit from other peoples pain…and their own low self have to break the pattern somehow…I would think….or it will just continue…this is not right…when your put in a position of power…[only because you have friends that are higher up in command…} you have a job to do and are getting paid to be the best you can be and take a….”no sides” perspective. You have a responsibility to do what is best for the company and all people involved.LEAD BY EXAMPLE! and others will follow…don’t let your personal feelings get in the way of making and doing the best for all involved…if you cant do that…then… there is OBVIOUSLY a problem…YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN MANAGEMENT if you cant do whats expected for all involved and whats best… could say more…but why bother…not to be negative.. but it it is what it is…its not what your capable of or how good you are……..ITS WHO YOU KNOW… THE AMERICAN WAY…

  3. Nancy

    Very much inspiring. It points out that you cannot change anyone else so changing yourself is the only power that you truly possess. A lesson that most of us either never learn or learn late in life. Moving on in any situation can be difficult is not somewhat traumatizing but it is the only way to maintain healthy control of our lives. Thank you for reminding me.

  4. Carmel. Polidano

    I was laid of work a year ago this month.the company hired other people for new positions but they skip me. What are your thought in my situation. Wait to hear from you thanks

  5. Theresa Hendrickson

    I can Relate to that Story for My work

    their are very Nasty peoples out there and Bullies too

    on and off again Co-workers will never Change


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