Psychic Help: Meditate to Become More Intuitive

Hear Your Inner Voice Through Meditation

The yogis have often said that once your body is calm, you can focus the mind and connect to your spirit. This connection opens you up to all sorts of experiences and can enhance your intuition. This intuition can lead you to hearing or feeling the best choices for you and you might even pick up a few more psychic insights for others as well.

Meditation is the tool used to calm the mind and create the connection to your spirit. Some of our psychics gave us their insights on how to use meditation as a tool to become more intuitive and help you make better choices.

Psychic Quinn ext. 5484: Connect to Your Inner and Outer Universe

“Meditation and chanting connect you to your inner and outer universe. The more you study your chosen spiritual science or listen to your spirit guide or angels, the stronger you will become intuitively.”

Psychic Trinity ext. 5275: Set the Stage

“Beginning the day with a good, clear 10-minute meditation is exceptionally helpful. The purpose and intent of the meditation is extremely important. It’s not just a clearing of the mind.

“I utilize ceremonial sage and cedar and burn them together to cleanse the area where I will be meditating. Then I play my favorite instrumental meditation music. I take the crystals I like best for myself and set myself up. My preferences are Herkimer diamonds and clear quartz. Herkimers are important for me because I am  clairaudient. I utilize them like fine tuning on a radio station. The quartz I will often place over my third eye or in my left hand with my palm facing up and hand open, like a receiver. I lie down, close my eyes and repeat my meditation mantra.

My meditation mantra is: (I repeat throughout my 10 minutes). ‘Thank you_____ (Universe, God, Great Spirit… etc.) for allowing me to clearly hear, see, feel and trust the messages that I receive for myself and those who call upon me. Thank you for the opportunity to provide this information for the greater good of those who call upon me.Want more ways to improve or start your meditation practice? Talk with Psychic Trinity ext. 5275 to see how this will open up your future.

Psychic Giselle ext. 5520: Connect to Your Third Eye

Moving your thoughts from your gut feeling (your second chakra) to your sixth chakra (your third eye) will help you improve your abilities as Giselle experienced on her own. To tell the difference, here is what Giselle recommends:

“There is an inner being in all of us that knows everything (some people call it the ‘small voice inside’), and when you can get quiet enough to be able to listen to it, generally you will notice that your intuition will become stronger, as will the quality of your life as you learn to be led by your inner being instead of your intellect or programming from the world around you and/or childhood experiences.

“Another way to develop your intuition and psychic ability is to have a regular meditation or yoga practice. A daily meditation and/or yoga practice has a direct connection to the pineal gland, which plays a role in our ability to become more aware of psychic phenomenon and increase intuition.”

Psychic Cameron ext. 5412: Ask for Help During Meditation

“Meditation can be enormously helpful when increasing one’s psychic abilities. Some of us feel a little frightened or unsure about meditation because we are afraid we might do it ‘wrong.’ But meditation can be just sitting quietly and listening to what is often referred to as the ‘small voice inside.’ Psychic ability many times is the ability to listen to and follow through on one’s intuition. Many times if you ask for guidance and then just sit there, the answer will come—if not right then, perhaps soon after. But it has been my experience that we are always given help when we ask for it.” Not sure if you’re hearing the small voice of insight or just the voice of doubt? Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 can help you discover the difference.

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